2021 Women's History Month

It's Women's History Month! While we in the crafting industry celebrate the achievements of women every day, this month is globally recognized as THE month to celebrate the achievements of women, whether it be political, social, economic, or cultural. Since we take part in a primarily women-dominated field of work and play, we owe a lot to the women in our lives. 

Women's History Month began as a small, local celebration in Santa Rosa, California in 1978, and was originally just a week long, dedicated to congratulating the achievements of us women. Since then, the movement has spread across the country and grew to a size so large that, since 1995, each president has issued an annual proclamation designating March as Women's History Month!

So we must say:

To the grandmothers who taught us patience.
To the mothers who showed us strength and compassion.
To the sisters who had our backs through thick and thin.
To the daughters who kept us going through the hardest of times.


Today, we want to highlight some of the incredible feats that the women in our lives have accomplished - we just really wanted to gush a little bit about some of the women who have caught our eye recently.

LAURA ZANDER (AKA @laurazander)

The legend herself, Laura Zander (AKA Jimmy), dreamed up what would become Jimmy Beans Wool back in 2002.

From humble beginnings in Truckee, California, Jimmy and her husband, Doug launched this "crazy, new adventure", breathing love and excitement into a hobby that had taken her by storm.
Flash forward to today, Jimmy Beans Wool now resides in Reno, Nevada, occupying a 20,000 square foot retail and warehouse space.

This business venture resulted in incredible opportunities like the acquisition of Madelinetosh and della Q. Bringing new possibilities for her business in the ways of her own yarn company and line of bags and cases for knitters and crocheters alike!

SmartStix was born by a casual conversation in India between Jimmy and Shannon, our General Manager. They were frustrated, having no reliable ruler on hand while knitting when it dawned on them - what if the measurements were right on the needles? They quickly got to work and soon, SmartStix was born, and we gotta say - dang. That's smart!


Okay, we already told you that Jimmy had the pleasure of taking the della Q brand by storm but what you may not know is that della Q employs women in Vietnam with an eye for fashion and a love for creating lovely, eye-catching products. We strive to make sure our items come from the heart and are good for the environment, with some collections using remnants from the fashion industry, thereby upcycling these designs and making them limited edition in the process - talk about a win-win!

Knitter's Pride is known for being the making powerhouse, having an array of beautiful knitting needles and crochet hooks. What you may not know is just how dedicated they are to providing jobs to all women who need one in India, no questions asked. There, they brainstorm and create the very needles and hooks that help us craft up our favorite projects! They dedicate their days to offering quality materials, making our knitting and crocheting experience that much better! 

Malabrigo is a brand that lives close to our hearts, as they give back by empowering women from all backgrounds and ages, giving jobs to those less fortunate or who have fewer opportunities. They also are a powerhouse of fabulous, hand-dyed yarns which we can all proudly say are mulesing-free! This helps give the sheep better lives, avoiding the harmful process altogether!

We love to see women succeed in the fiber arts community, and some of our favorite designers have climbed the ladder of success, building their own brands and marketing themselves with beautiful photography, excellent patterns, and in some cases, accessories like bag lines and stitch markers!

 JOJI LOCATELLI (AKA @jojilocat)

Jeez, does Joji ever sleep? It seems like she's always on top of her A-game, releasing new pattern after new pattern with little time in between for a breather. She creates designs that are pleasing to the eye, utilizing stitch techniques and color combinations that remind us of those beautiful, sunny days in autumn where the weather is not too hot but not too cold either. Her eye for accessible designs shows itself in the love she pours into each one, ranging from the easiest of sweaters to the most intricate shawls!

The queen of crochet and self-proclaimed yarnaholic herself, Toni Lipsey is one of our biggest crochet crushes around!

Her love for creating accessible patterns paired with adoration for color is one we've fallen for time after time. Her patterns are unique and show the world that crochet is here to stay with some gorgeous motifs and stunning photography to back it all up.

Andrea Mowry is where comfort and modern shapes come together for a blast of a time, creating silhouettes that somehow feel both new and classic.

She uses stitch techniques to create texture, with a love for bobbles and ribbing. Her photography is to dye for (hehe!) with an infectious smile, making us smile right back at her (before feeling silly that we're grinning at a photograph, of course).

You didn't think we would forget the colorwork queen herself, did you? Caitlin's attention to detail is impeccable, showing us that spending a little extra time on our designs is always worth it.

Fair Isle is one of those things that both intimidates us and grabs our attention, like a siren singing us a song - we just can't get enough, and luckily, Caitlin has Fair Isle in spades.

CHIWEI RANCK (AKA @1dogwoof)

A self-proclaimed Jill of all Trades, ChiWei is the stunning mastermind behind one of our Jimmy Beans Wool 2021 Shawl Club offerings! By dabbling in all things yarn, ChiWei knows the importance of having something you can create that's tangible, as it helps with motor skills and mental health. 

ChiWei is a firm believer in the thought that practicality is key, often making her designs ones that are both beautiful and able to be used in most situations (and with how gorgeous they are? We would MAKE room for them regardless)!


Last but certainly not least, when we say we adore this creator, we ADORE this creator. Gaye Glasspie, aka GG, has taken our hearts by storm with her love for the color orange, her overall caring and sweet personality, and her attention to detail in both the social climate and her knitwear. We've learned so much from her in the past year, growing as people and applying this new knowledge into our everyday lives. She's raw and relatable, sharing her anxieties as well as her happiness on social, reminding us the reality that people are, in fact, real, and not just here to entertain us on social media. We love you, GG!

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