Meet The Crochet Collection Designers

Love crochet?? We do, too!

We love it so much that we've collaborated with our favorite designers to bring you a collection of 17 crochet pieces, all patterns are available for FREE.

We're so proud of the team we've assembled to bring this collection to life! Meet our designers below and dive into their captivating creations as we (finally!) unveil this eagerly awaited collection.

Meet Aurora Borealis by Maria Isabel

This crochet project was a joy to design. A piece to wear when starting a new day as soon
as the crack of dawn, when everything is quiet. Surrounded by the cold breeze and the freshness in the air with warm gleams of light. The beautiful quality of Malabrigo Dos Tierras with its amazing colors was the exact match for it. With its soft blend of merino wool and baby alpaca makes a cozy and super stylish garment.

That is how this hooded cowl has a mix of classic with liveliness, by integrating granny squares with textured stitches. A wonderful first opportunity to work with Jimmy Beans, which is exciting not only for the amazing yarn catalog they have but also for the chance to collaborate with an experienced and talented group of people within the yarn industry.

Meet the Chickadee Cowl by Jonah Larson & Lena Skvagerson

Jonah first met Lena on the set of Knit &
Crochet Now when he was just a little guy. He met some great people that day who became lifelong friends. He had a special connection to Lena (and so did I). She was so warm, approachable, and kind. She made Jonah feel welcomed and at ease on the TV set.

When Lena changed positions and moved to Jimmy Beans she thought of Jonah and his crochet experience. She was thoughtful of his time at school and his other activities so asked him to make a smaller project for her new crochet collection she was debuting.

She sent him a photo of what she was looking for and Jonah took it from there. He loves making granny squares but took it to another level by crocheting more exquisite pieces. He added a unique way to join the squares and a beautiful border. The yarn color Lena gave him was a perfect blue that suited him well.  
Jonah likes to model his own pieces even if he doesn’t actually design them for himself so photographing him was fun.
He talked with Lena on the phone so they could write the details of the pattern together and go over the design. His favorite part of the project was talking with Lena again and using granny squares to make a piece that is delicate and sophisticated.

He loved reading the comments on social media and was so pleased to hear that so many people plan to make it. He hopes they share photos of their version.

Meet the Caledonian Cardigan by Linda Dean

The Caledonia Cardigan was inspired by my teenage daughter. She has been raiding my closet for my old clothes that have a bit of a classic look and putting a modern twist on them. I felt this was a perfect challenge for myself, to take a classic style sweater and update it with some simpler lines, and great buttons.

I also really like to make sure that the approach to the pattern is as simple as possible, so it is worked top down, allowing you to try it on as you go. I love to have the project finished as fast as possible, so to ensure that there is no sewing the sleeves are worked directly onto the sweater.

The color is just a really classic feel, old gold is great for either fall or spring and looks great with a wide tonal range of skin types. This color just spoke to me that it would ensure the design would be timeless.
Working with JBW is like a dream come true! Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging. One of the best things is that they are completely genuine, what you see is what you get. They are not putting on any image or persona, they really are who you think they are, and because of that it helps you find the best part of yourself, and your designs. They are good people.

Meet the Aberdeen Scrappy Sweater and Pinegrove Poncho by Lee Sartori

The inspiration behind the Aberdeen Scrappy Sweater was 'a wearable work of crochet art'! I wanted to combine a beautiful collection of colours with some fantastic crochet textures and techniques. I was so excited to work on this project with Jimmy Beans Wool and be a part of the first crochet collection!

I wanted the Pinegrove Poncho to be a classic wearable that could be a standard piece in a fall clothing collection! The Yarn Citizen wool really makes this piece sing, the natural colour is perfect for fall.

Meet the Brown Sugar Cocoon by Tamara Kelly

The Brown Sugar Cocoon was inspired by the cool breezes and warm colors of Lake Tahoe. This shrug is perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters alike, with a relaxing stitch pattern you'll want to cuddle up with all winter! Cascade Ecological Wool is the perfect yarn for this project, with big skeins to minimize ends and a soft finish everyone will love. Designing this piece for Jimmy Beans Wool was a real pleasure, and I hope it brings a smile to all who make it.

Meet the Gem Square Beanie by Nina Holubcova

Excited to be a part of Jimmy Beans' first exclusively crochet pattern collection, contributing with Gem Square beanie.
Designed in collaboration with the amazing team at Jimmy Beans, we picked the vibrant Urth Uneek Worsted, in a rich jewel tone colorway.

Drawing inspiration from beloved granny squares, then reimagining their shape, size and color placement to create a fresh take on the timeless crochet classic.

I especially loved experimenting with various eclectic, yet matchy textured motifs that complement the self-striping yarn. The combination of these motifs and ever-changing colors makes the project fly by since you want to keep crocheting just to see the next color or pattern.

It’s also very important to me to make
the process as streamlined as possible, which is why the motifs are joined together with a simple slip stitch seam as you go, minimising the loose ends and finishing touches.

Can’t wait to see the amazing crochet community to bring the whole collection to life!

Meet the Square's End Scarf by Melissa Leapman

Inspired by the autumn season, the Squares End scarf uses nostalgic square motifs combined with a simple textured pattern.

Tassels add a boho vibe to keep you warm while still trendy during cool weather.

                                    Meet the Trailblaze Sweater by Asa Buchta

I’m thrilled to be a part of this new crochet collection for Jimmy Beans Wool! I love Lena Skvagerson’s work and was excited to learn that we are both from the same town in Sweden. It was great to get to work on a project together!

Lena’s vision for this collection was inspiring; after hearing her ideas, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my piece.

My goal was to make a cozy oversized sweater that would be as easy to make as it would be to wear. Trailblaze is made with Berroco Vintage Chunky – a classic washable workhorse yarn available in so many colors. One of my favorite colors (Sage 6199) was a perfect fit for the cohesive and really lovely color scheme of this whole crochet collection. It was an obvious choice for this sweater!
I am a big fan of chunky crochet ribbing, so I used a lot of it in this sweater, between the wide hems and the extra big turtleneck. The body of the sweater is worked in double crochet, which makes for a soft and comfy fabric.

The boxy fit and hi/lo hems make it easy to throw on over any outfit, whether staying cozy at home or dressing up to go out. I can see myself just living in this all winter. I spent some time working on this sample while visiting family in Sweden over the summer, which makes this sweater even more special to me!

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