A Sit Down with Lena Skvagerson

Meet the creative genius behind our Crochet Collection, Lena Skvagerson

In an exclusive interview with our very own Creative Director and In-House Designer, Lena, we'll explore her inspiration and the path that led to this stunning collection. 

Join us as we chat more about Lena's own design, the Chestnut Beanie, and the collection as a whole. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your design in this collection, the Chestnut Beanie?

I believe that fashion should always be comfortable and adaptable, and my on-trend Chestnut Beanie perfectly embodies this philosophy.

The choice of the color Birkenstick by Madelinetosh was a no-brainer. 

Its rich, earthy tones reflect the comforting embrace of fall, and it resonates with the cozy feel I want the person to experience when they slip this beanie on. 

So get ready to make a bold fashion statement while staying snug and stylish this season with my Chestnut Beanie.

We'd like to learn more about how the Crochet Collection came to be, what was your process?

Embarking on this journey to curate JBW's first crochet collection has been an absolute dream come true!  

With a deep passion for all things yarn and crochet, I had the privilege of collaborating with some of the brightest stars in the crochet design world to bring you a collection that truly encapsulates the essence of what's popular in today's crochet.

My goal was to strike the perfect balance between simplicity and style, offering a diverse range of projects for crochet enthusiasts at every level. 

From scrumptious blankets that invite you to snuggle in comfort to fashion-forward sweaters that keep you cozy in style and the trendsetting beanies that make a statement – this collection has it all.

What ties it all together is a carefully selected palette of yarns that have become my absolute favorites over the years. The colors harmonize to create a cohesive yet vibrant tapestry, giving you the freedom to mix and match as your heart desires. 

Additionally, I wanted to collaborate with designers to create size-inclusive garments. The wearables in this collection range from size small to 5X. 

We've made it super easy, too, with ready-to-roll

I'm excited for you to discover the essence of this collection. It goes beyond mere patterns; it's a tribute to our mutual passion for crochet and the artistry it represents!  

Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or just starting your yarn-filled adventure, I invite you to explore the Jimmy Beans Wool Crochet Collection

Join us on the creativity, coziness, and boundless potential this collection has to offer!

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