Cheese and Crackers with Ann Norling

I had a celebrity at my house yesterday! Ann Norling - you know, the super famous pattern designer (remember the adorable fruit cap that Tyne Daly knit?) - came by around noon... We chatted and looked at yarn (she is also the sales rep for a ton of my favorite companies: Rowan, Nashua, Colinette, Crystal Palace, OWool, Tahki, etc...) - and i spent wayyyy too much money.
These reps know that i'm a sucker for new yarns (i guess that's why i work in a yarn store, eh?) - and will buy almost anything they put in front of me. Oh well - it could be worse - i could be in the concrete business... but that wouldn't be nearly as fun.

Ann (she actually goes by Marge - i think Ann is her middle name) is a terrific lady - and i always enjoy spending time with her... picking her brain, and sharing yarn stories. After 5 hours of yarn touching, feeling, petting, and then buying, we closed the yarn suitcases and brought out the cheese and crackers. Now, i think most reps meet their customers (yarn shop owners) at the actual store, but since i live an hour from the store - and my house is significantly quieter than the store (sans Buddy's constant attempt to get everyone to throw the ball) - i enjoy having the reps just come to my house. I know it's cruel and selfish ... to hoard all of the new yarn viewing to myself... but what can i say? :) Plus, it wouldn't be as fun if we couldn't share a glass of wine and listen to music afterwards!!

Anyway, after cheese and crackers, Marge took off (in her adorable Prius - did you know you start the car with the push of a button? If only they made those in 4wd!!) and i finished sewing some of my "scarves to throws" together. Here's a prelim pic - i'll take a better one later. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Jimmy - it looks wonderful! What is the yarn (or yarns) you used?

  2. Very nice indeed. What is the cable pattern on the right? Can't wait to see more pictures.

  3. The patterns are all free on our website! (Rachel knit most of the scarves, but Jimmy has been sewing them together!!)

  4. I totally dig the three together...the minty green will look great with all of those, now if I can just get it done:)!!!

  5. Wow! Ann Norling. I love her patterns. I've made many baby aghans and sweater sets as gifts. They are some of my favorite patterns.