Thank You, James! (and the mystery of the missing money)

I AM SO EXCITED! I just heard back from my high school friend (and brilliant singer/songwriter) James Dunn... and he's given us permission to use a bit of his music for a project that we're working on. Sorry - can't tell you the details quite yet (ugh - what's up with all of these secrets, eh??!!), but i should be able to spill the beans in about 2 weeks. It's going to be HUGE!!! Thanks, James - I can't tell you how much we appreciate it.

Ok, in other news, i guess it's about time that i tell you the story of the Missing Money. First, i want you to take a look at this photo and tell me what that Wells Fargo envelope looks like. MAIL! Right? Doesn't it look like a piece of mail to you? (Please just say 'yes'.)

Well, a few days ago, i was fishing around in my purse for something. I was on my way to a tennis lesson (i'm really sticking to it this summer!!) when it suddenly hit me - I remembered putting a JBW deposit envelope into my purse the day before, but couldn't remember ever going to the bank. Hmm. That's strange. Well, maybe i put it in this nifty purse pocket of mine - or maybe it fell under the car seat - or maybe i'm just imagining that i ever really put it in my purse??

And then it hit me.

Reaching back into my memory of the day before (not always an easy thing to do), i remembered running into the store, chatting with Ashley and Jeanne, and absently grabbing some bills to be mailed from my purse. As usual, i threw them into one of the outgoing mail bins and then just kept gabbing... What i realized 24 hours later was that i had also thrown $1300 dollars (nestled safely in a Wells Fargo envelope) into the mail bin. Oh crap. I am dead. Doug is going to kill me. Should i even tell him? I mean, realistically there's nothing i can do about this - i can't change the past... and this is something i definitely can't undo. Maybe I'll just wait for the right moment to tell him.

Still in the car, I immediately called Ashley and explained what had happened. Since i was in truckee - and an hour from the post office - she offered to ask the bulk mail manager about it that evening. (We drop all of our bins off at the Reno Bulk Mail facility each night).

I arrived at my tennis lesson and immediately told my partner what i had done. She agreed that it sucked (excuse the language), but that there was nothing i could do about it ... you see, for the last 4 months, i've been working daily on living in the moment more - and worrying less. This was definitely a test of my progress on that front. Ugh - why did it have to be a $1300 test? That would have paid for a good chunk of our rent. I was absolutely and positively sick to my stomach.

The next day, while enjoying cheese and crackers with Ann Norling, the phone rang. It was Ashley. Since the girls never call me at home unless there is an emergency (yes, there are Yarn Emergencies!), i was a bit worried. Almost as soon as i put the phone to my ear, my stomach returned to its normal state. The Reno Post Office had called Ashley to let her know that they had 'found' our deposit and that it could be picked up at any time.

I'm sorry... what??!!! Who does that in this day and age? It was $1300!! (of course, $900 were checks, but that still left $400 of cash). I just couldn't believe it. Doug was like "What was it? What did Ashley have to say?"

I guess this was the 'right moment' to tell him. :)

Moral of the story? The Reno Post Office rocks.

P.s. - that's the baby blanket that i started for my friend a few weeks ago in the photo... i'm halfway done!

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missing money


  1. Phew on this one! I am working on living in the moment and thanks for your help with that! J :)

  2. I think you are living in too many moments! I'm happy for you this one turned out so well; that's a lot of money to lose in any day and age. Bless your USPS in Reno.

  3. Wow, I was on the edge of my seat with your story about the missing deposit. That's a lot of money and "living in the moment" would mean everything would "stand still" if that happened to me. Hope your hubby wasn't too hard on you for not paying better attention to what you were doing tho. Bet you'll check every piece of mail next time. And thank goodness for honest people.