Last Minute Holiday Projects


I know I am not the only one scrambling to finish gifts - at LEAST half of the customers I have helped this week were buying yarn for last minute Christmas gifts. I decided (and am now second guessing this decision) to knit gifts for all of my female family members (the men are indifferent to nice things). I decided to make them all felted jester slippers (so cute!) and then one extra thing. I'm making my mom a bag, my grandma a scarf, and two scarves and a hat for my three sisters.

I finally bought some Swirl Chunky the other day, and I'm glad I did, because its going fast! I bought two skeins of Desert Flower for my grandma's scarf.

I am also excited about the Malabrigo Worsted Merino I bought today in Deja Vu! I am using it in the bag I'm making my mom.

I have to get to work!


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