Time to Knit Again


After Wednesday I will be done with classes, and able to actually KNIT!! My goal is to make at least one knitted gift for each of my family members (excluding the two men, because they could care less) and I'm going to try my hardest to do it. I am making a pair of cute multicolored jester slippers for all the women (I found the pattern for "Jester Slippers" on www. ravelry.com) and then another item, like a scarf or hat. I have all the yarn, and all the patterns, now I just have to make the time, and find the drive to power through it all before I go home for Christmas on the 22nd.

I also have two hanks of Saphira in color #561 that I want to make a nice warm scarf out of, because its so FREEZING lately, and I don't have a scarf I really like. A customer told me about the "Sinful Ribbed scarf" which is a free CEY pattern on ravelry, and I think I'm gonna use the Saphira for that.


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