A winter wonderland, teeth, dogs and tennis anyone?

It has finally snowed here and boy did it cover us up with a blanket of white stuff! Now the weather has decided to get super cold and was -3 degrees this morning at my house and I know for some of you in the northern states it may not sound cold, but to us high desert rats here in Reno it is a bit chilly. I must admit that I love it though and hope that the power stays on and all will be well! Here is a picture of our parking lot in front of the shop and there were 3 backhoes here Monday making the snow mountains that will now be here until late spring.

Of course this cold weather really stimulates my desire to knit and I just finished Terry's easy slouch hat pattern and once we get all the kinks worked out we will be putting it up as a free pattern on the site, thanks Terry for such a great pattern. I used the Lorna's Laces Swirl DK yarn in Watercolor and stranded it with the Rowan Kidsilk Haze yarn in color 626.

I am one lucky bean as I got to take care of our littlest bean, Huck, the other night, what a GREAT baby! Doug and Laura got to go out for a bit of holiday cheer with their neighbors while I got to hang out with the baby and of course those dogs you all write to me about, Buddy & Wiley.

Wiley is looking at the tennis ball on the floor and then Buddy took the ball from Wiley, sorry Wiley!

Huck is sitting in his basket and as you can see he loves his little pumpkin from his first Halloween. The next day his first tooth popped out so chewing on that pumpkin helped.

I loved taking care of him and getting to know the dogs too! Thanks you guys for trusting me with these treasures and come on go out again, please, please!

As always happy knitting!


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  2. Step into a winter wonderland where the air carries a crisp chill, teeth find themselves chattering, dogs frolic with boundless joy, and tennis courts eagerly await your presence. These varied charms of the season beckon you to savor its diversity and embark on thrilling adventures.