Felted Clogs


Just after Christmas I gave in and bought the Felted Clogs pattern from Fiber Trends. I say "gave in" because I never buy patterns, instead I find free ones on Ravelry. However, I could not find a good free felted clog pattern online, and I knew from customer feedback that the Fiber Trends pattern was easy and awesome. And they were right - I LOVE this pattern. I finished a yellow pair for my sister (a makeup for a pair of failed felted jester slippers) that I knit with Cascade 220 in the colors #7827 Goldenrod and #2453 Pumpkin Spice . For the cuff I held one strand of Pumpkin Spice together with a strand of some reddish-purple wool I found in my stash.

These slippers are a little too plain for me (and my sister) so I'm going to embellish them with some buttons and felted flowers. It's nice to have a felted project turn out right for once! Right now I'm working on a pink pair for my mom for her birthday in February.


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