So many new things!!!

Like Jeanne said the other day, where to start?

Yesterday when I came into the store there was a new yarn and sample shawl that I intantly fell in love with! The Be Sweet Striped Shawl in Extra Fine Mohair which we have put together in a kit. The shawl is warm, light and airy. The Extra Fine Mohair is a very fine boucle, somewhat similar to but not as fuzzy as Rowan's Kidsilk Haze. It doesn't contain silk, its' 100% mohair. I wore the shawl for a few hours and was pleased to note that very little mohair had shed onto the black blouse I was wearing. All in a lovely lace weight and I'm thrilled to finally have a boucle in the store. This is on my short list of future projects.
Like I need more on my list!

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