Those of you who frequent Ravelry will recognize this exclamation. It is the standard way to talk about Malabrigo yarns. They are yummy and so, so soft mmmmm.....

And now Laura has once again out done herself! Jimmy Beans now carries every single color of Malabrigo worsted weight! Including the newest color, Ravelry Red!

Not only is Malabrigo the softest merino yarn I've ever touched, it is also a fabulous deal at only $10.40 per 210 yds. Who could ask for more?

Want something even softer? Then that would be Malabrigo Lace weight spun from merino lamb's wool. Wool doesn't get any finer than merino lamb. And it's also a great deal. Imagine a whole small shawl for less than $10! I just don't know how they can sell it for this price!
I have too many ideas already and now all these great yarns in so many colors! How's a knitter supposed to keep enough of a paycheck to pay the bills?
Have fun choosing your color because I know you will love knitting with it!

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