The traveling sweater....

So you all may have thought that Death Valley swallowed me up, but it didn't happen! I had a bit of a family hiccup towards the end of my trip and had to jet off to Phoenix, so I just got back to Reno on Saturday and am catching my breathe, phew!

We had a GREAT time in Death Valley and thank you Diane for your comment about the possibility of an 8 X 10 autographed picture of me and Pandora to go along with the sweater; what a grin I still have on my face!

So this is going to have to be the second post in the line of four posts I promised you to win the sweater, which has been so many places that you just won't believe it. I got lot's of looks carrying this beautiful sweater around in the heat of Death Valley and draping it here and there to take pictures.

I kept thinking about our great knitting calculator and how I could use it to make sure I had enough yarn to knit this myself. I didn't have any internet, or cell service, so I just had to dream about it.

To the right the sweater is draped over a railing at the Harmony Borax works and people really looked at me funny here! It was HOT!

While I have some of the Lorna's Laces Swirl Chunky in my stash I don't think I have enough and this yarn is discontinued, so I wanted to use our advanced yarn search to figure out what I could substitute, but that had to wait until I got back.

When I finally got to search, I searched based on the gauge of 2.5 to 3.5 stitches to inch for a bulky yarn and am considering the Misti Alpaca Tonos Chunky as an option. I used this yarn to make some hand warmers this winter and WOW is what I have to say about that.

To the left you can see me holding the sweater next to one of the many sea level signs in the park, as it goes up and down everywhere you go. We were camping at -190 feet below sea level at Furnace Creek and I felt so physically fit there, wow!

Geoff and I sat out every night and looked at the stars and really had some neat time together! We did take our cat Tasha with us and while I know that is an unusual traveling companion she was great!

Here she is (right) staring out of the camper screen door and I know it hard to see her, but we wouldn't let her out because she is a city cat! Our son Chris, was taking care of our dog Sierra and since Sierra is inclined to try to eat the cat we took her with us for safety's sake.

Well now are you taking notes? I am sure I have put some hints in this post that you will need to know when we get to the final posting and I will get you the measurements of the sweater in my next post, but I am sure this sweater will fit quite a variety of sizes!

As always, happy knitting and crocheting! Jeanne

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