The traveling sweater....

Here we are again and this will constitute my 3rd post about this fantastic sweater, which I have on right now as I type, yuuuummmmyyy!! What that means is my next post will be my fourth and final post for this sweater give away, so pay attention!

I promised you some measurements and I am a 44" bust and the sweater fits me well in the shoulders, length and really overall, however, when buttoned it will lay open, but does button well and lay flat (single button sweater so not such a big deal?).

So with that said I will stand by my previous statement that this sweater will fit quite a range of sizes, so here you go some more hints!!

Here I am with the sweater hanging out at Scotty's Castle at 3000 feet (approx) above Death Valley by the pool.

Scotty's Castle really wasn't Scotty's at all, it was the incredible project of a guy named Johnson who was a millionaire and wanted a home to winter in away from the winters in Chicago.

Just like Laura and Doug who began Jimmy Beans Wool in 2002, Johnson was a real hard working man and his standards were very high!

Now unlike Laura and Doug he would regularly fire all his employees and hire them back at a lower rate to save money, needless to say he didn't have the loyalty that Laura and Doug have won by being the most amazing bosses I have ever worked for.

Here you can see Audrey our amazing park service guide holding the sweater for me, what a good sport she was!

She started looking at the sweater and was kind of eyeing it like she was going to bolt and I told her I would have to flog her with some Lantern Moon US 17 Blond Wood needles if she tried anything funny, so she straightened up.

Ha ha, of course she was a doll and didn't give me any trouble!

Left you can see both Geoff and I with our bikes at about 4200 feet, at Dantes View. Someone was playing the Todd Snider song Doublewide Blues and I couldn't believe it, because that's the song that the nickname 'Jimmy' came from!!

Well I certainly think that Geoff and I are 'cool like Jimmy' and I know there are some hints and things you may want to take note of in this post, hee hee!!

As always happy knitting and crocheting!


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