Proof that Pirates Knit too!

Have you ever wondered why your back ordered yarn is taking so long to get to you? Have you ever blamed it on pirates? Well, maybe you should. When I called up one of our distributors the other day to check up on the status of some back ordered colors, I was given an intriguing and altogether unexpected explanation as to the hold-up: pirates.

I know, I was skeptical at first too, but apparently pirates commandeered a freighter carrying a large shipment of yarn here to the US. It is unclear whether or not the pirates intended to use the yarn for their new knitting club, sell it for a profit on the black(and various other colors) yarn market, or hide it on an island where the largest stash on earth is rumored to be located. Regardless, I am now convinced that pirates do indeed knit and/or crochet.

Happy crocheting and knitting!


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knitting pirates


  1. So where's Jeanne with the SS Pandora to sail out with Sandy and give those yarn thieves the royal what for? No Pirate ain't no match for a "biker chick" with a good sharp set of dpns. (pardon the bad grammar). Franklin Habit and his Dolores would be good on the Pandora too. It all has the makings of a good movie (Discovery Channel - hint, hint - would be way better than the Deadliest Catch - only so much crab fishing you can watch) or a really good knitting book. "Pirates Who Knit and the Retailers Who Loathe Them". Maybe at least a few patterns for 2 Askew Designs. Anyway that situation - although frustrating - is way too funny! Be funny if they have internet access and are using YOUR free pattern page :-) to knit up what they have pirated. Stitches Atlantic Ocean anyone?

  2. So that's where my Malabrigo went! I knew it!!! Guess I'll just have to pick another yarn.