Excitement around the shop!

There is so much excitement around the shop right now with all the new yarns and patterns that have arrived I don't know how to describe it. All this coupled with the the Wool Watcher the word frenzy comes to mind. I'm personally excited because I finally get to start my first shop knit and I got my yarn for it last night! I'm going to make a Fine Shawl on Diagonal using Be Sweet Extra Fine Mohair in Shakespeare colors. I just adore this yarn but then I'm a nut for mohair. Despite the thin filmy nature of this finished shawl it is quite warm and will be perfect to drape around me on days when air conditioning indoors is a little too cool. It is also light and thin enough to wear it as a scarf when the weather turns colder in the fall. This is also a perfect project to try out the Russian Join that Jeanne showed us last month in the featured video in the April Newsletter. I'm also contemplating a light cardigan using this yarn, I love it so much. More on that later.

Sandy is excited about Ilga Leja's new shawl pattern Flight of Fancy which is a lovely trapezoidal summer shawl worked in two simple lace patterns and 2 colors. The pattern calls for silk & linen yarn. Sandy will be making it with Fleece Artist yarn. She just showed me last night which colors and would you believe I can't remember if it was Sea Wool or Merino 2/6s or which colors. Mind like a steel sieve! LOL!!! But they are lovely colors!

Sharon has snatched up some Ella Rae Classic (or was it Nashua Creative Focus Superwash? I need to write this stuff down to remember what everyone is doing!) to make a warm car blanket with a Berroco pattern.

Jeanne is just so happy to be back she was busy fondling all the new yarns and looking at the new books, especially Lily Chin's Power Cables which is a really cool book with lots fabulous cabling ideas and projects.

For all you sock knitters I hope you've checked out all the fabulous deals on sock yarn we have on sale now. Although I have four pairs of socks on needles at the moment I couldn't resist picking up a couple of skeins of Regia 4ply in City Boston color which I just love. I have also fallen in love with Crazy Zauberball which I may have an interesting idea for. More on that later too.

Happy Knitting!


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