Traveling Amber...

Amber come home!! I have mentioned here and there that Amber has been at Muench Yarns helping out and having fun! Now I know it's not a traveling sweater, but a traveling Amber is a good substitute don't you think?

She will be blogging about all of it, but I thought I might put in my 2 cents worth. She has been merciless in her teasing the last week and has been telling me how soft something is, or amazing colors, or I am bringing you a Llama, sheesh what a stinker! I know she won't bring me a Llama, but I was so excited that my dog would have a new playmate :)

So one of the new yarns she is gaga about is the Seta Nova which has Mulberry silk in it and I have touched Mulberry silk and yum, yum, yum!! I can't wait to see this and cast on, oh yeah didn't I just blog about too many WIP's in my life, but you can see how it happens cant' you?

Ok so back on track here and to the right is a swatch of color No. 9 and I want to know that stitch pattern, anyone?? At any rate she should be back in the shop on Monday and will hopefully have a detailed blog for you soon!

As always happy knitting and crocheting! Jeanne

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  1. Jeanne - were you going to use the fact that llamas spit to spice your yarn ends for you (I watched your demo with the faux spit glass of water :-)

  2. Ha Ha Ha!! That's a great idea! Llama spit...I hope you enjoyed the faux spit and I will use Llama spit next time, as I bet it's real sticky :) Jeanne

  3. About the stitch pattern... That's a nice smooth cable! After peering at the photo, here's what I came up with:

    Multiple of 8 sts
    Work stockinette for 10 or 11 rows
    Next row (RS): repeat *C2RF, C2LF*

    C2LF: put 2 sts on cable ndl, hold in front, k2, knit 2 sts from cable ndl
    C2RF: put 2 sts on cable ndl, hold in back, k2, knit 2 sts from cable ndl

  4. Wow you little Hobbit you are amazing!! Thanks I will give that a try...thanks!