Holiday's with JBW...

The holiday's seem to go on throughout the year here at JBW and that's because it is the most amazing place to work in the world!!! We just have fun no matter what is going on and that's even when tons (literally) of yarn are delivered, or we need to work a bit harder to make sure you all get your orders on time...we just have fun around here!

We had our annual holiday dinner party and boy was it something truly special this year! My son Chris was in attendance, as his sweetie Sara has been working here for a couple of months now and he was her date.

Lots of new faces and some that have been around for a bit too! Allison (our original shop manager) is back on board, but was sorely missed as at the last minute there was a family emergency. Luckily it turned out to be only a scare, phew!

Her daughter Amanda was there for the 50th time?? Ha ha! Amanda has left, come back, left, come back and none of us are sure how many times, but she is a real asset to the shop!

We had dinner at a the WONDERFUL Charlie Palmer Steak House in the Grand Sierra Resort here in Reno...and I am sure that everyone would agree the whole night was spectacular!

There were gifts, toasts and texts with pictures of our sleeping angel Huck to reassure our head beans Laura and Doug that all was well at home!

Thanks Emily for sending me this great picture.I have it set as my phones wallpaper to remind me what is really important in life...isn't he a doll?

Everyone was having fun. Here Bethany and Victoria struck a pose for me as I ran around with my camera trying to catch all the action.

I was Bethany's secret Santa and made her a flower (pattern from Brave New Knits) out of Koigu At the last second included a hammered brass piece I made over the button. She was tickled and it looks great on her!

Our two head beans got into the spirit of things and happily posed for me too! Awww what can you say!! They are super duper neat!! Thanks you guys for taking such great care of all of us and for this fantastic party!!

Our gift to the Zander's this year is a throw out of squares done by the little beans in various shades of blues and browns...knit and crocheted! The unfortunate thing was that we didn't quite get them all put together, so we gave them the squares as is with the promise of a finished throw. Laura immediately noted that she would not be sewing the squares was hilarious!! They enjoyed looking at each square and hearing about who had made it. Stay tuned for the finished throw as Kristen will be blogging about that soon.

We had a special bean pop in for the week our very own Leanne who is now living in Boise came down to be with us. It was awesome to see her!! She still works for us in cyber space and will be coming back to town soon, yippppeeee!!!

Here she is getting a hug from can you resist that smile?

Here are Kristen and Nick the newlyweds cuddling in a corner...come on you two!! Aren't they a fantastic couple?

Here Amber is snuggling with her new Unicorn that Tiffany gave her!! If you couldn't guess Amber is in LOVE with Unicorns and Tiffany really scored on this present! I hope you get to meet Tiffany sometime, as she is one of the nicest people I know!

To the right Terry is looking lovely and is with her friend Dave who is just the nicest guy! Then to the left is Marilyn who has been one of our best customers and is now a little bean!

Erika and Nicole are listening to something interesting.

Below right, Kathy is hanging with Victoria. I am sad to report that Victoria will be leaving us to spend more time with her family in February, but Kathy is helping out with all the buying and what not. Kathy started with us as a temporary employee last holiday season and has really filled a need, thanks Kathy, you rock!

To the left we have Amanda M. with her honey Shane. Both of them are working for us now! Amanda is also a return bean and these days I don't know what we would do without Shane to help around the shop...drowning in yarn that's for sure!

Then we have Ailene and Holly (left) who are working their way through school and are so much fun to have around the shop that I don't know what we will do when they graduate. I think Holly is scheduled to graduate this spring and Aileen well I am not sure...but I can tell you we will keep them as long as we can!

To the right we have Amber and Sharon smiling with Leanne laughing (again that smile). I hope you are lucky enough to have Sharon help you sometime, or Leanne, or Amber...gosh all the little beans are amazing!

I am going to let some of the pictures do the story telling for we have more beans now than we have ever had before, phew! It makes me wonder what it will be like next year? Maybe we will have to rent a ballroom some where?

Shevawn with her honey and her Darth Vader...what's not to love? A neater gal you can not find than Shevawn who is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done!

Chantal with her sweetie looking very stylish! Chantal is one of our brilliant high school Students who will be graduating in the spring and she really adds a bright spot to the shop!

Then to the right we have Sara and Elyse her best friend...these two gals are super neat to have around and will both graduate from high school in the spring. Of course Sara is pretty special to me, as she puts up with my great son Chris and is a budding knitter!

Well I hope I didn't leave anyone out and here's wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Thank you to all our fantastic customers and friends who have helped to make 2010 one of the most amazing years ever!

As always happy knitting and crocheting!


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  1. Where's a pic of you, Jeanne?! Looked like fun.

  2. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to sort through tons of yarn. actually, tons and tons. In fact if I worked there you would find me in a back room literally swimming in it. I believe Kristen emailed me about a back order earlier, Hi!

  3. Kathy I am always on the other side of the camera...intentional for sure ha ha! Thanks for noticing though...and one of these days I will let the lens turn on me, I promise!

    Come on down we can put you to work with tons of yarn just about anytime!! We have taken a dip or two ourselves and it's nice to swim in yarn. We figure that we can always make beds and sleep on the yarn if need be...I will tell Kristen you say hi Amanda!

  4. Well it would be nice yes, but unfortunately I reside in Texas. But since I have no local yarn shop as friendly as you guys around here, I'm thinking JBW is my new long distance knitting home.

  5. Yah - you guys sure rocked - I was pretty sad to miss it all and luckily didn't have to stay long in the ER with my Mike. The party is growing every year and I am so grateful to be (once again!) part of the JBW beans! -Allison

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