Where would we be without our distributors?

It's the holidays and while we are always thinking of how lucky we are around here this is the time of year that it's foremost in our minds. We will be moving into another great year here at JBW, but looking back we have so many to thank for the wonderful year it has been...of course you (our fantastic customers) are always at the top of the list, but our vendors/distributors have been incredible to work with over the last year!!

Lorna's Laces you all ROCK!!! For those of you who may not know Laura and Lorna got going side by side and Laura would go to Lorna's house and buy the yarns for the shop out of her garage...now how cool is that? We are now into our fourth year of the wildly popular limited edition yarn (exclusive to us) from Lorna's and don't see an end in sight on that one, as you all continue to be super excited to see what's new every month!! You can join our LLE fan club on Facebook and for those of you who don't use FB you can still be a member via email. December's color is flying out the door, so check out Sandy Claus by our very own Sandy!

If you haven't heard yet we have a fantastic kit from Rowan yarns featured in Real Simple magazine and it uses the super yummy Lima yarn!! The Make No Mistake Scarf is a free pattern on our site and includes a crocheted version, so what's not to love? Thanks Rowan for such great yarns and for being so amazing to work with!!

How about our amazing friends at Muench yarns? We have had so much fun with them over the last year and certainly long before that, but our relationship just gets stronger everyday, as they are just great to work with!! We carry a bunch of Muench's yarns and one of my personal favorites it the Tessin!! It is super nice to work with and I want to do a bath robe out or it, or the Big Baby...gee whiz it is so hard to decide! So you know what I will do of course? BOTH!

Lana Grossa has become one of our best sellers and it is because they make fantastic yarns and are amazing to work with!! Laura got to go to Germany this year to visit with them and she enjoyed the adventure immensely!! We carry so much of Lana Grossa's yarn that I can't pick just one favorite, but if forced to, I would have to choose the Baby Kid! I have been using a lot of mohair lately and am just in love with this yarn sooooooo soft!!

I can't talk about all of our amazing companies without a huge nod to Blue Sky Alpacas!! Their yarns are absolutely amazing and the people that make up the company are some of the best you will ever meet! Blue Sky Alpacas yarns are so amazing that again I CAN'T pick a favorite...please please don't make me! I have every one of their yarns in my stash except the Worsted Hand Dyes and that will be going into my stash shortly! I want to make my honey a throw out of it and just haven't decided on the right color, but am leaning towards Putty!

We also work closely with Addi/Skacel and if you have never used one of their products then I suggest taking a look! I have so many of the Addi needles in my arsenal and am completely in love with their circular lace needles! The people who make up this company are so neat to know and work with and we are so grateful to have them as one of our main product lines. We also carry yarns from Skacel and they distribute the Schulana line of yarns and patterns which have made a HUGE hit here in the shop!!

I love the fair trade companies and what they do to help people work and get paid a fair wage, so I LOVE Lantern Moon! I have a little bit of most of their products and one of my favorite knitting bags, my Molly is by them. We carry a whole bunch of their products and I am in love with every single one! Lantern Moon is a company who you can feel good about patronizing and I can't wait to see what they come up with next! Thanks Lantern Moon for doing such a great job and for being so neat!

Namaste is another of our fabulous companies and I have 2 of their bags and also the needle binder. I have had to restrain myself from getting more of the bags and accessories, but am sure I will fall again soon! The products are phenomenal and the people can't be beat!

We have just started carrying the Madeline Tosh yarns and patterns! WOW is all I can say!! Not only have they been flying out the door, but they are truly AMAZING!!! The company is so accommodating and friendly to deal with that we just can't say enough about them! Sandy just finished the Poet Society Beret out of Terrarium in the Vintage and Sara just cast on the Owlings hand warmers out of Logwood in the DK weight!

We carry lots and lots of Trendsetter yarns and they are so much fun to work with; both the yarns and the company! Their Blossom yarn is another yarn I would love to make a robe with, as it is super yummy!! Of course I have worked with lots of these yarns including the Cha Cha which we now carry in the prints too and have always enjoyed myself. The people at Trendsetter are so nice and you couldn't ask for a nicer group...thanks Trendsetter!

Thank you to all of you, our customers and to our wonderful vendors!! You all mean more to us than you know and I hope you will take a second to breathe during this always busy holiday season! As for me I will be knitting which is my form of meditation...so, as always happy knitting and crocheting!


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