Quick knits and kits as gifts save the day!!!

The holiday's are barreling down on me like a freight train, BUT I am not panicking really!!! I have mentioned once, or twice of late that I always have the good intention in May and June to begin my holiday gifts, but alas that just isn't my style and I need to accept that, sigh!

Okay, okay enough dawdling get moving Jeanne!!! One of my regular customers popped by and showed me her 3 sets of the Scrunchie Hand Warmers from the One-Skein Wonder 101 Designer book and WOW I was super inspired! I grabbed the book, needles and already had the Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Goblin wound and ready to go in my knitting basket! Okay cast on and I have already knit one mitt (forgot it next to my chair sorry) and am at the thumb gusset. SUPER simple fun pattern and is really going quickly! I am giving them to %$@##^ hee hee!! She reads the blog. I think I am going to do a second pair for &%$# out of some great stash yarn I have...woo hoo!! Not only am I flying through some last minute gifts, but doing some stash busting too!!!

I love the way the 'scrunchie' comes out and think that once I am out of the woods with my holiday knitting I am going to work up some leg warmers using this great pattern; what do you think?

So with the knitting out of the way I also have a few knitter's that I shop for and was looking around the site for some ideas and I have one knitter that is as obsessed with socks as I am and so I thought the Fish Scales Socks kit out of Jitterbug yarn! I have to confess that this is a shameless plug since the pattern is mine, but what can you do with me??

The other kit I like is the Beaded Fingerless Mitts kit in the (new to our shop) Koigu yarn!! YUMMY!! What knitter wouldn't love getting this kit as a gift?

Okay so my kit will be here for me when?

How about the Debbie Bliss Aran Mulberry Silk Hat kit?? I am just drooling over this yarn and this hat is so cute!! What's not to love?

Okay I have to stop now, as I think I am hyperventilating...breath in and out, in and out!!!

Now can you tell whichever of these kits I choose to give as gifts I will have to get one for me too?? Well, duh, of course I will...gee whiz there is another way to do it? Ha ha!

As always happy knitting and crocheting!!


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