Adventures in Knitting- Interweave Knitting Lab Edition!


In early November, as the first of our winter storms capped the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains with white powder, Amber, Shevawn and I headed for a slightly warmer climate and attended the Interweave Knitting Lab in San Mateo, CA.  We joined forces with Kirstin from Muench Yarns and Knitters Pride Needles to create an awesome super-booth in the Knitting Lab’s Marketplace.  What a fun event it was!

Shevawn and Amber
on the rocking horses

Shevawn rode the Rabbit
while I rode the Camel! :)
We journeyed out early Thursday morning in our rented mini-van, hauling all of our fancy booth-building supplies.  I really enjoyed driving the mini-van-- it was such a comfy ride!  As we stopped for a much-needed coffee break at the “Nut Tree” in Vacaville, we noticed the tiniest theme park ever with a carousel, choo-choo train and other fun amusements.  Of course we had to pose for some pics. :)    

Ringing people up for their
yarn and needles!
We finally arrived in San Mateo with just a few hours to spare before the Knitter’s Market opened.  Luckily the three of us are expert display-cube builders and we managed to get our booth ready with a tiny bit of time to spare.  We also had the help of our good friend Cliff from Skacel.  He was imperative to the booth building process!  

Our awesome booth!
It was busy!  Really busy.  So busy in fact, that we actually forgot to take some decent photos of our booth!  Everyone who stopped by was so excited about the new Knitter’s Pride needles and the Lana Grossa Lace Lux yarn.  By the end of the weekend, our bodies were exhausted but our hearts and minds were full of fun memories of all of the wonderful people we met, customers and industry folks alike.  

Cat and I!

For example--we met Cat Bordhi and I had my picture taken with her!  She stopped by our booth for a few minutes to film a video interview with me and talk about her books.  Thanks for stopping by Cat!  It was so nice to meet you.  Your video will be up on the website soon. :)   

Thank you to all of the awesome designers and yarn company experts who stopped by to film some videos with us.  We didn’t have time to do too many videos, but we definitely had fun when we did.  Thanks to Sandra McIver (author of Knit Swirl!), Diane from Tahki Stacy Charles Yarns, Jan Horowitz from Tahki and Jade Sapphire yarns, and Kirstin Muench from Muench Yarns and Knitter’s Pride.  All of your videos will be up on our site soon!

Yarn shot!
Thank you also to Courtney and Kate from the Fibre Company, Nancy Marchant (author of Knitting Brioche and who's shawl I am still totally in love with), Stefanie Japel (from and also a phenomenal designer), and Cookie A (author of Sock Innovation and Knit.Sock.Love.) for stopping by the booth and being willing to film.  Sorry we weren’t ready for you-- it was just so busy!

Lastly, an extra special big thank you to Cliff from Skacel for helping us build our booth, hauling around our equipment, bringing us In-and-Out burger sustenance in our time of need, and being our all around manly-man and comic relief.  You were a huge help to us Dr. Skacel! :) 
Hopefully some of you made it out to say hello at the Knitting Lab and if not, we hope to see you there next year!
Happy knitting everyone!

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