Lana Grossa Condito-- the perfect last minute gift yarn!

If you haven’t seen the Lana Grossa Condito yet, you are really missing out! It arrived at our shop early this fall, just in time for the winter ruffle-craze, and we are absolutely loving it! The best thing about this yarn is that it can be “knit” without actually knitting! I know it sounds crazy, but let me explain... There are several different ways you can create scarves with this fun and funky yarn without even using needles or a crochet hook. If you have 10 minutes and 2 hands, you are all set! Watch this quick video of Lana Grossa’s rep demonstrating how to “knit” with this yarn:

Our fearless leader Laura, aka. “Jimmy”, visited Lana Grossa in Cologne, Germany recently, which got her really excited about the Condito yarn. She said it was the one new yarn that she just fell in love with and HAD to order right away. In fact, she liked it so much that she made herself scarves in several different colors that she wore to Palm Springs recently for her big business growth summit! Here she is wearing her Condito scarf at the Winning Women Awards Ceremony:
At the "Winning Women" Awards Ceremony

Nicole and Casey
modeling 2 versions of
the Condito scarves

The yarn itself is amazingly soft and versatile too! Condito is 74% merino wool (which explains the softness), 8% mohair, 8% polymide, and 10% acrylic. It is already knitted in a tubular structure which you can “pull apart” to create a fun ruffled texture. You can knit it by looping it through itself up one side, chain crocheting it, or running elastic thread through it while doubled. You can create long scarves or cowls that can be looped twice. It is really that versatile as well as easy to work with.

Lana Grossa has also provided some amazing free patterns to accompany this yarn. We have created some easy kits on our website so you can see what the options are. There's a sewn scarf, a cowl, and a crocheted scarf to choose from!
Laura and Kirsten
from Muench Yarns in the
Lana Grossa showroom.

One aspect of this yarn that Laura is really drawn to is the ease of use. You don’t even need to know how to knit! It is also the kind of yarn that you can knit super quickly (in 5-10 minutes depending on the pattern you choose) so it’s perfect for last minute gifts. She also likes how accessible it it is--ANYONE can do it! She thinks it would be a great project for kids since the learning curve is a bit easier and not at all time intensive. Sounds like the perfect pre-knitting lesson for your younger knitters. Overall, these factors along with the fun colors and textures make Condito one of the most interesting and unique yarns to hit the knitting scene this year!
Condito Cowl
So, if you are still trying to crank out some last minute knitted gifts for the upcoming holiday, be sure to check out the Condito yarn! It’s a lot of fun to work with, is beautiful, and provides amazing instant gratification. Who doesn’t need a little bit of that every once in a while? I know I do!
Happy holiday knitting everyone!

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