Resolution Knitting--no easy feat!

So, I rarely make any REAL New Year’s Resolutions. I say this because every year I tell myself I will, and then I end up with sort of a random list in my head that I half-heartedly follow until about mid-January before I forget entirely about it. This year though, I figured, well why not? I should make a list of attainable to-do items and stick to it for once! I figured the best way to do this was to make my list entirely about knitting. Forget all of the health and wellness related resolutions that most people tend to make this time of year (not that those things aren't important), I am going to focus on the knitting!
Tea Leaves Cardigan
Now, this may seem like an easy feat--I mean, who doesn’t love these “fun” kinds of goals, right? Some knitters, and I am NOT one of them, start a project and diligently work on it until it is finished within a timely manner. I do exactly the opposite. I am the kind of knitter who sees a project and falls in love with the IDEA of it. The picking out of the perfect yarn, the casting on with glee and knitting the first few sections thinking all the while about how awesome it will be to finish and wear it. Usually about halfway through I lose my momentum and start to day dream about other projects. Does this sound familiar to any of you, or am I alone in my wasteland of UFO’s?
So here is my list, albeit a little short, of my New Year's Resolution Knitting:
  1. Finish at least 5 of the WIP’s on my Ravelry Page: I’ll be happy with 5, but more would be nice. Priorities are the 2 blankets on the needles (Umaro and Hemlock Ring) that were meant to be wedding gifts. These will get done first!
  2. Knit a sweater for my husband. I've started and stopped this process once or twice already with various reasons befouling my progress: not quite having enough yarn, making too small a size, and getting bored with the pattern to name a few. I have now decided on a pattern (Jared Flood’s Cobblestone Pullover) and acquired new yarn (Tosh Vintage in Stovepipe) and will be making it happen this year!
  3. Knit myself a Tea Leaves Cardigan. I’ve longed for one since I first saw it a couple of years back. I have some Tosh Vintage in Tart that is ready to be knit into my pretty red cardi!
  4. Write up and publish the patterns for the 6 or so designs that I’ve made over the last year for Marinade Designs. This sounds pretty easy, but I am a total slacker! Although I love the creative process and knitting of the garments, I often procrastinate at the drudgery of the number crunching and writing part, especially when I don't have a deadline.
  5. Cobblestone Pullover
  6. Put some of my design ideas out there and submit them for publication in knitting magazines and periodicals! I’ve been meaning to start this process for a long time but frankly have been a bit scared to try. This is the year I make an effort!

So these are my knitting resolutions, out here for all the world to see. I have to follow through now since all of you are here to hold me accountable. I’ll continue to post my progress throughout the year. If any of you have resolutions you want to share, feel free to post a comment. We are all in this together!
Happy New Year!

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  1. What is the shawl pattern on the cover of your Rowan catoalog? Cannot find a reference to it. Want it! Thanks,,,

  2. Have searched around on Ravelry ..did not find it... Cover of the Rowan catalog by Jimmy Bean!

  3. Hi kopenml!

    The link to the kit for that pattern is on our website is here:

    The pattern is the Unwind Wrap and it's from Rowan Magazine #49. It uses Rowan Kidsilk Haze and Rowan Summer Tweed. So sorry we forgot to include this info in the catalog! We realized it was missing as soon as the catalog went out. Just goes to show you can edit something 100 times and still miss things!


  4. I was wondering if you have the cobblestone pattern? The jumper is just amazing! Did u finish knitting it?

  5. strikkero-

    No, we don't sell that one. At the time I wrote this post, it was only available through the Interweave store (it was originally published in Interweave Knits.) It looks like since then the rights reverted back to the designer, so it is now available for download here:

    Sadly, I haven't finished this one. I still plan to knit it one day for my hubby, but I am working on a different sweater for him at the moment. :)