Interview with Kristin Omdahl of "Seamless Crochet"!

Kristin Omdahl
We recently had the opportunity to interview Kristin Omdahl as part of her blog tour for her newest book, Seamless Crochet, so we jumped at the chance!  Kristen is one of the crochet (and knitting) communities' most influential designers and she creates some truly stunning pieces.  Here is what she had to say about Seamless Crochet:

JBW- Can you give us a super quick description of Seamless Crochet and your inspiration behind the book?
KO- Seamless Crochet is a technique of crocheting motifs, joining them as you go, and NOT cutting yarn between motifs. The motif fabric is created in one continuous piece of yarn with no ends to weave in!

JBW- Do you have a favorite design (or designs) from the book?   If so, what are they, and why?
Buttercup Blanket
KO-That is a tough question, but one of my favorites is the baby blanket called "Buttercup Blanket" because the motif has a 3-dimensional flower that looks like it is appliqué-sewn onto the motifs, BUT IT IS NOT. It is also crocheted in one continuous piece of yarn along with the motifs. I think this motif would make BEAUTIFUL pillows in a beautiful deep red mohair blend yarn.
JBW- How did you get started at a designer?
KO- I was a single mom desperate to find a way to make a living with a 20 month old baby. I asked a magazine and a yarn company if they were interested in my designs and they took them immediately. My freelance career started right away. My contact at the yarn company suggested I attend a trade show (TNNA) and there I met many yarn companies and publishers (many of whom I still work with today).
JBW- Now that "Seamless Crochet is completed, what is up next for you?
KO- I have written 2 books (one knit and one crochet) since writing Seamless Crochet. When I complete a manuscript, it is usually 12 - 18 months until it is released in stores. I am currently working on the content for the next season of Knitting Daily TV and a new series of books that are a little different from the knit and crochet books I have written so far.
JBW- Do you have any advice for new designers who are just getting started out there?
Jaime Hat
KO- Network, promote, be on time, be professional, and LOVE what you do because this is a very labor intensive career.
JBW- Is there anything else you want to tell us about Seamless Crochet or any other current projects?
KO- Seamless Crochet offers a wide range of patterns for all levels of crocheters. The Radiance Sparkly Scarf is a perfect beginner project. The book includes a 1-hour DVD with me teaching a workshop on the techniques in the book, including a complete crochet-along for the Jaime Hat.
And now for the fun part!  We always like to ask a few more personal questions so that our readers can learn a little more about you!
JBW- Where did you grow up?
KO- I was born in Montreal, Quebec and grew up in Detroit, Michigan suburbs.
Blue Skies Chunky Cowl
JBW- What time do you start work?
KO- Around 7:30 in the morning I start work, after I drop my son off at school. I work until the afternoon when I pick him up. Spend the afternoon & evening with him, and start back up with work from 8:30 (his bedtime) until around midnight (my bedtime).
JBW- Do you prefer coffee or tea?
KO- BOTH! I love a local coffee (Manatee made on Sanibel Island, Florida) first thing in the morning because it is a mild coffee. But I am truly a tea junkie. I love chai oolong, jasmine green, and many many more.
JBW- Tell us about your previous life—you know, before yarn…
KO- I was a model growing up. I modeled from age 12 to 17, in Detroit, Chicago and New York. It was a wonderful experience.
JBW- What is your favorite hobby?
KO- That is a tough question. A hobby is something you do to escape from your work and regular life. Piano, guitar and barefoot running on the beach are my favorite forms of escape/zone out.
Star Mobuis
JBW- What is your favorite book?
KO- I don't have just one, but I LOVE a few: The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo, The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, The Outlander (whole series) by Diana Gabaldon and The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.
JBW- What was the last crafty project (knitting or other) that you created?
KO- I made a few bracelets and necklaces last week before I left for a trade show. Before that I made many knit and crochet garments for my current book and magazine projects.
Flower Trivets
JBW- If you could be any animal (besides human), what would you be and why?
KO- I love lions a lot. But as long as we are going to pretend to be something we can't be, I'd rather be a mermaid.
JBW- What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
KO- "We Bought A Zoo" and I was sad that the mom was dead in the movie. That's a tough subject for me, as a mom. Had I known, we wouldn't have seen it in the theater.
JBW- What inspires you?
KO- Geometry and Nature inspire me.  I especially love the geometry of nature.  I LOVE creating textiles from things I see in other mediums.  For example: beautiful tile work, seashell shaping, water movement, or even the texture of a snake's skin or alligator's scales.

Thank you so much Kristin for the inside scoop on the new book and your other projects!

Hope you all have a great weekend and happy crocheting!


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  1. Lovely interview, she is a fabulous crochet designer and a lovely person too :)

  2. Great interview, I can't wait to see this book in person!!!