Monkey see, monkey do??

As some of you may know, Sandy and I are really good friends. We tend to see something the other one is doing and go "ooohhh I wanna do that too." Sandy has started a Trail Jacket by Knitbot, and I want to cast mine on too. Okay, so I admit I am the monkey who just has to get into the middle of things.

In the mist all the sewing, knitting and work, I am getting ready to give this fantastic pattern a go! Sandy is using Noro Kochoran from her stash, and I just can't say how lovely it is so far. As a matter of fact, I have six hanks of the very same color in my small yarn store and I think I will monkey on and maybe we can be twins! Ha Ha:) We just got some Kochoran in stock (on sale no less) and I am also considering color 75 for this project.

I really like the simple shape of this jacket and the potential for modifications. Sandy is adding some pockets to hers and is considering a slightly different collar.

Sorry for the short post, but I am off to look at other yarn for this pattern....hmmm...possibly the Taria Tweed, or Lana Grossa's Everybody...decisions, decisions...sigh...what a hard life I have, hee hee!

What would you use?

Ok, and now for the winners of the Jade Sapphire giveaway!  Our 3 winners (thanks to and only using the entries that made it in before midnight last night) were:

1) Autumn's Mom, who said, "I would wear it out to dinner to celebrate my 22nd wedding anniversary this year."

2) Sarah, who said, "The Ponchette would be a staple in my work wardrobe. My office is freezing year-round, and this would be great for days when an extra layer is needed!"

3)  Flossie Knits, who said, "I would wear it on my annual Montreal trip!  It would be perfect for the cooler weather!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and winners, don't forget to e-mail right away to claim your kits!  Be sure to let her know your 1st choice preference between Deep Plum and Hydrangea and she'll do her best to accommodate based on who responds the quickest!

As always, happy knitting, crocheting and sewing!!

PS Have you heard about our fabulous Stitch Red campaign? Heart disease is the #1 killer of women, so
Stitch Red was created in an effort to help create more awareness. You will want to check out out Stitch Red blog for all kinds of great information and guest bloggers, healthy tips and even heart healthy recipes!!

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  1. Yay for me!! Yesterday was my birthday, so this is great timing!. I would love love love the Deep Plum!

  2. Not to be a meany,but I would not like having a friend who copied everything I did. That's just me. Found there was a lot of copycatting in a past knitting group-sometimes you just want something unique to yourself.

  3. I love how simple patterns like this really lend themselves to being customized! Knitting is really so wonderful in that it really fosters creativity and uniqueness. I am sure that your jackets will look so individually beautiful that you won't even know it's the same pattern! I love that jacket... I may have to knit it too! Thanks for the inspiration Jeanne and Sandy!