Where to start??

Laura's quilt top is beautiful!
So much (as usual) has been going on around here that I am not quite sure where to start...so I guess I will dive right in.

Of course there is sewing and that is very exciting!! Laura's quilt top is hanging in the shop and I have squared mine up, while Sandy has pinned and squared her batting and pinned it all together with her back piece; nice work Sandy! Laura is on another trip, so I will update you on the sewing again soon!

Dr. Ocean was GREAT!

February is Heart Health month and I have mentioned that our Stitch Red campaign is taking off. We had our first Stitch Red knit night...yipppeeee!!! It was well attended and we had a fabulous guest speaker, Dr. Zeny N. Ocean DDS!! He came to help us all understand how important our oral health is to our heart health. It was so much fun!

Jeffrey was attentive!!

My honey Geoff loved him (note the name)
Cheryl brought Jeffrey who is a guide dog in training and let me tell you he was a BIG hit with everyone!!

 Of course there was knitting at a knit night (imagine??) and I forgot my knitting (imagine??), so I was doing a little pining :(

As some of you might know, I have been working towards a healthier lifestyle through a raw food diet and I really enjoyed Dr. Ocean's approach to whole-body healing practices (as well as personal awareness). Quick update as to my progress with my lifestyle change: I feel great!! I am not going to say it isn't a challenge, but I have tons of support both in my home family and my JBW family!! Thanks gang for all your support. I have more energy and am starting to lose weight again

So, with all of that I will wish you a happy, healthy day! Do something good for yourself today, take the stairs, run around the house after you finish that row, or whatever you can to treat yourself the way you deserve!

As always, happy knitting, crocheting and sewing!


PS Have you heard about our fabulous Stitch Red campaign? Heart disease is the #1 killer of women, so Stitch Red was created in an effort to help create more awareness. You will want to check out out Stitch Red blog for all kinds of great information and guest bloggers, healthy tips and even heart healthy recipes!!

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