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Designer: Vicki Hollingsworth
The crochet community is all abuzz!  What's all the excitement about?  The absolutely gorgeous 2012 Special Collector's Issue of Vogue Knitting Crochet!! OMG, the designs are so stunning.  Many favorite designers are represented, including Kathy Merrick (whose shawl graces the cover) Nicki Epstein, Mari Lynn Patrick, Robyn Chachula, Japanese designer Yoko Hatta, Lisa Daehlin, Cristina Mershon, Mary Beth Temple, Kristin Omdahl, Candi Jensen, and Shiri Mor.  I'm pleased as could be that my design is in there too, plus an article I wrote titled "Fine Finishing for Crocheted Sweaters."  Vogue styled and photographed the designs so beautifully, each one really shines. 
Designer: Nicky Epstein

I took this opportunity to ask Editoral Director Trisha Malcom about this issue and here's what she said:

DORA:  What made Vogue Knitting decide to do a crochet issue at this time?

Designer: Lisa
TRISHA: We've been wanting to do another crochet issue for several years. Our original crochet special issue, from 1994, is highly collectible and people still tell us all the time how much they love it. As crochet is really having a moment right now, in the fashion world as well as in the world of craft, we thought it was a great time to highlight it.

Designer: Kathy Merrick
DORA: What kind of crochet ideas/styles were you interested in presenting?  What kinds of proposals leaped out at you?

TRISHA: We wanted to showcase the many ways crochet can work. We wanted to show how crocheted fabric can drape and move, and how the stitches can be incorporated in a striking variety of ways. The proposals we loved were fresh and interesting, and gave us new ways to think about crocheted garments.

DORA: Do you think the perception of crochet is changing among yarn crafters?

Designer: Kristin
TRISHA: Absolutely. It's another skill set to have, an exciting new thing to try, and for many of us, something we know how to do but might want to explore in a more advanced way.

Designer: Robyn Chachula
DORA: Who do you think will be the audience for this issue -- dedicated crocheters, knitters curious about crochet?

TRISHA: We hope it will be all of the above! We hope to entice new crocheters, as well as challenge and inspire the experienced hookers.

DORA: Was your selection of yarns different than it is when you do a knitting publication?

Designer: Dora Ohrenstein
TRISHA: It was largely the same. We looked at how the yarns would work up into the proposed fabric and shape, and made what we thought were good matches between the material and the idea.

DORA: Do you think you'll do another crochet issue next year?  Or sooner?

Desginer: Shiri Mor
TRISHA: We'd love to. Stay tuned! 

Isn't that last bit great news?  To celebrate this "crochet moment" Trisha mentions, we are going to give away one issue of the magazine.  If you'd like to win, please post here and tell us why you love crochet. The deadline to enter is Sunday, May 13th at 11pm (PST). Jimmy Beans Wool will choose the winner randomly and we'll get your copy sent out right away! Check back on Monday, May 14th to see who won!

For those of you who missed it, the winner was announced in the Monday, May 14th Post.  

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a great weekend!


PS. All photos are courtesy of Vogue Knitting.The Nicky Epstein photos were taken by Paul Amato for and the rest were taken by Rose Callahan.

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Vogue Knitting Crochet


  1. I love crochet because I love the magic of taking a hook and a long skinny piece of spun fibre and creating fabric with form and function.

  2. I love crochet because it can quickly create something beautiful, functional and rewarding.

  3. I love creating fiber things. Crochet works up quickly, beautifully, and has infinite possibilities.

  4. I love crochet because with a few simple twists of the hook and yarn you have art, form and function.

  5. i love crochet because it was the first yarny thing i learned to do and i love the vintage look of granny squares and crocheted tops :)

  6. While I enjoy any craft that allows me to feel yarn flowing through my fingers, the thing I LOVE about crochet is its particular rhythms. There is something very soothing to me about the rhythms of the different motions for crochet stitches, whether worked fast or slowly.

  7. I love crochet as it makes me feel connected to my Mom. She died 2 years ago and she was the person who taught me how to crochet.

  8. I am bi-stitchual but I love crochet because it provides instant gratification.

  9. When I was six years old, watching anyone crochet was very hypnotic to me. So I was able to learn it since that time. I love how you can make anything your mind wants to do with it, whether it be a doily, an afghan, a wearable and/or a toy. It offers a large selection of stitches and the flexibility to do them in any way, shape or form.

  10. I love how when used together a simple hook and a single strand of thread or yarn can produce numerous beautiful textures and patterns. The possibilities are endless!!

  11. I love crochet because it links me to my family history, because it honors the animals whose fibers are used in its construction, and because at its best it is a true art.

  12. I love crocheting because it's a burning desire in me to create beautiful things for the ones I love.

  13. I love crochet because it connects me to my 10 year old self and reminds me I've known how to create something beautiful for more than 3 decades

  14. I yield a hook, create what I dream and leave a little piece of me with you. I have always loved crocheting and always will.

  15. I always loved crochet, but this patterns are reilly something different! So fashionabe, inventive and beautiful. It makes me want to start right away!

  16. Knittingbelle from RavelryMay 13, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    I love crochet because it allows me to express myself with all types of yarn, thread and wire. If you can dream it up, you can probably crochet it, too.

  17. i LOVE crochet and am totally addicted because its a way to honor the handcraft history of women, i can make something for the people i love FAST, and it was fairly easy for me to learn as a left handed craft challenged woman.