Spring KAL/SAL Wrap-up and FO Gallery!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Spring KAL/SAL! It was a huge success and I absolutely loved seeing all of your beautiful Goodale cardigans! If you are on the Ravelry thread, please keep those FO photos coming! I will post my sweater photo as soon as possible. In the meantime, I was able to finish my 1-hour skirt:

1-hour Skirt in Amy Butler
Twilight Peony

Also, here are a few other FO's from participants who gave me permission to use their photos!




Mmhiscox- sorry I missed
your pic yesterday! :)

Thank you ladies for allowing us to showcase your beautiful sweaters! Readers, feel free to check out their Ravelry pages which I linked to in the photo captions for all of the info on their sweaters. Thanks so much to everyone who participated and to Cecily Glowik MacDonald and Brett Bara for participating in guest blogs for their designs! If you had fun participating in the KAL/SAL, let us know by leaving a comment, and tell us what we should do for the next one!

Happy knitting and sewing everyone!

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  1. Thank you Jimmy Beans Wool and Kristen for such a fun KAL! I really appreciated all of the help from the other participants and from Kristen. I agree with Ellen that a summer cardi would be another good project. Jeanie

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  3. Bravo on the successful completion of your Spring KAL/SAL! Your commitment to fostering a creative community and bringing together like-minded individuals for a shared project is inspiring. Your wrap-up post showcases the collective talent, YourTexasBenefits Application hard work, and beautiful creations of all the participants.