Week 4 KAL check-in and First FO's!

Hi everyone!

I am sorry this is a bit late but this week I've been struggling to find fodder for this KAL post! Jeanne is finished and her Goodale is gorgeous, but I haven't been able to track her down to get a photo of her wearing her sweater! Terry had to rip hers back because she wasn't happy with her increases but is getting back on track, and I just haven't had time to knit on it due to some other exciting work-related knitting I've had to finish. Luckily, that is done for a bit, and I can re-focus this next week and get caught up! In the meantime, I've gotten permission from some of the gals over on the Ravelry thread to share their FO' pics with you all! We've had three KAL participants finish in the last week which is amazingly fast! Nice work!

First we have Sara who is forensicgrl on Ravelry. She is also one of our local Reno customers and used to work for us here at JBW when she was finishing up school a few years ago! Sara knit her Goodale in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in a lovely shade of charcoal called Thundercloud. I had the pleasure of seeing the almost-finished version at our Cascade Yarn Tasting last week.. Sara decided she wanted a little bit more coverage to make this more of a multi-season sweater so she added 3/4 length sleeves. I just love how she did the pocket and will probably do the same on mine! It seems to make so much sense. Feel free to check out her project page for more info.

Next we have Ellen who is known as SadieVae on Ravelry. Being one of the fastest KAL participants, she has been providing all kinds of helpful tips over on the Ravelry Thread for all of the knitters. I love the color of Tosh Pashmina that Ellen chose, it's called Grasshopper and it's a bright leafy green. She also provided lots of project notes on her Ravelry project page, so feel free to check there for some helpful hints! Thanks Ellen for all of your help! It's been awesome having you in the KAL as well!

Lastly, I've got one of our international participants, Sarah from the UK who is also known as aspellofwinter on Ravelry! Sarah knit her beautiful variegated Goodale in Manos del Uruguay's Silk Blends yarn. The color is simply stunning and will go with just about everything I expect! She also provides all kinds of helpful info on her project page. Thanks so much Sarah for participating in the KAL!

Thanks so much to all three of our first finishers for allowing us to use your photos as well as for participating. It's been a lot of fun having you in the KAL! As for the rest of us still knitting, there is plenty of time left. I'll look forward to seeing more FO's in the coming weeks! Also, it's not to late to join. You still have until next Tuesday to chime in on the roll call to be entered to win some of our fun prizes! I'll announce the winners in next week's blog post when I introduce the sewing portion of this KAL/SAL!

See you all next week and happy knitting!

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  1. Kristen I am blushing, as I am finished but will be ripping it out to the beginning (insert super sad face here) Because I was using the 3 ball of my Pashmina my knit side of the !-cord pulled way, way too tight and all the blocking in the world is NOT going to fix it. I have considered all sorts of possible fixes, but the only option is to start over and think loose thoughts. Sorry everyone...I will post a picture before I rip it out...wish me luck! Jeanne

  2. Oh no Jeanne! That is such a bummer! I'll be sending positive thoughts your way as you re-knit! Good luck!

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