"Home is Where the Heart Is"- Announcing a New Collaboration with Romi Hill!

We are so excited about this new partnership and have barely been able to contain ourselves the past few weeks! A couple of months ago, Rosmary "Romi" Hill moved here to lovely Northern Nevada where Jimmy Beans Wool just happens to be located. Now, the high desert isn't for everyone, but she is one of the lucky ones who see's the amazing beauty beyond the brown fallen head over heels for her new home. We were so delighted when she stopped into Jimmy Beans and shared with us her big idea--basing her newest "7 Small Shawls Collection" on Northern Nevada and the Sierra! (Feel free to check out her blog post on the topic as well!)

"Home is Where the Heart Is" is a collection of seven gorgeous shawls and one set of accessories-- eight patterns in total. The patterns will be released gradually over the course of the year with corresponding KAL's and giveaways and all kinds of fun! "Home is Where the Heart Is" is Romi's third year of "7 Small Shawls", her first two being: "The Pleiades" and "The Muses". Both collections are simply stunning which is why we can't wait to see where year three takes us!

The e-book version of "Home is Where the Heart Is" is now available for pre-order on Ravelry and you would receive the patterns digitally as they debut. The cool thing about pre-ordering is that you get all eight designs at the $16 price through the month of July. The price goes up to $20 on August 1st. Be sure to check out Romi's Ravelry Group and join the buzz that is happening over there! We have a JBW Thread started as well!

If e-books aren't your thing, never fear! Jimmy Beans Wool will be carrying all of the patterns from "Home is Where the Heart Is" exclusively as they debut. What does that mean exactly? Well, we will have beautiful hard copies of each pattern available to purchase and they will be exclusive to Jimmy Beans Wool for three months after they debut! We've also worked with Romi to coordinate and stock the yarns she chooses so that you can even purchase the colors you need to knit the designs. We'll have kits available with or without the pattern to make your shopping as easy as possible!

We have some other fun things planned for this collaboration which we'll announce later on down the road, but we just HAD to share this exciting news with you! We hope you'll join us in celebrating Romi's beautiful designs and her new home with this coming series!

Hope you all have a great weekend and happy knitting!

PS. Romi is the Featured Designer in the Fall 2012 Knitscene which you can now pre-order or check out the preview of all of the designs!

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  1. What a great collaboration. I can't wait to see the fun things you have planned throughout the year.

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