Count down to the big feast...

The lips of the fish are the brim
We are all running around the shop like little beans with our heads cut off, as tomorrow is almost here! Wow I can't believe that another Thanksgiving day is coming up and I don't have my holiday gift creations done yet...what have I been doing since last season??

Shevawn is a great model, I can't wait
to get the fins, tail and eyes on
Well let me tell you, I have been knitting, sewing, gardening and working on various other projects too, but do you think that any of those knitting, or sewing projects are gifts? Nope!!!

Oohhhh wait! I just remembered a Dead Fish hat I am knitting for a certain young bean  (Huck TURN AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!!!) using some fun stash yarn that I have. I think he will have fun playing with his Dead Fish hat and I think I am going to use some fabric for the fins and the tail to complete the whole look, what do you think?

Top skirt, red bottom skirt and bib

On the sewing front I currently have a quilt to finish, as well as this charming apron to complete. The apron is a gift, but I can't say for who at this point, as I am pretty sure they read the blog, hee, hee.  I will also be teaching some of the beans how to work up their own apron at the beginning of December, so I will be well prepared to share all my apron tips by then.
My pocket...isn't it cute?

In other news I just met with the neatest gal, Cindy and we are discussing the possibility of her teaching The Chameleon Hand Bag class here in the shop.  Perky Brouillette and Pat Lui are the designers and Cindy has their permission to teach this fun class! I am super excited to make one of these cute bags and would love to hear your feed back on this project.

Cindy is quite the sewer and quilter and she is also considering putting together a beginner class for us that would cover the very basics of sewing and quilting. Tools, fabrics, threads and what not! I don't know about you, but it is always nice to have a good foundation for any new skill.

At any rate I hope you enjoyed reading some of my ramblings and I hope you have a great family day tomorrow!

As always, happy knitting, crocheting and sewing!


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