Sterling Inspiration

Kirsten Muench is one of our long time friends here at Jimmy Beans Wool. She owns Muench yarns, which produces the delicious Touch Me yarns (she actually created the yarn herself), as well as Muench Family and Big Baby, two of our go-to kid friendly yarns. Muench is also one of the main distributors of Knitter's Pride Needles in the US. In this lovely post, Kristin tells us the story of what inspired her's and Knitter's Pride's contribution to Operation Turkey Trot:

This story starts in a small village near the Baltic Sea, before WWII, where my people come from. It was a Part of Germany called East Prussia, what is now Northern Poland and Russia. My mother’s whole family was from this area… They lived there for hundreds of years; they were doctors, professors, and farmers. The Russians invaded towards the end of the war and my family fled their homeland. They left with the clothes on their backs and a few suitcases hastily packed.

There are family stories of how my grandmother vowed that the Russians “ Would not get any of her porcelain” so she put everything in a wooden crate and buried it in the potato patch. There are many other things that were planted in the yard, and they are still there. I went back in 1995 - the house is gone, flattened by war, but I found the foundation and, with my aunts help, found the area in which Omi had buried her treasure. There is still a potato patch in the same place but we could not find the farmer who now owns the land, so it’s still on my list to dig up the past. I do, however, have one thing that was brought from the old country: a set of large soup spoons in sterling silver which belonged to my great grandmother. They are my pride and joy!
Thanksgiving time is my favorite time of year. It’s time to get together with family and eat a lot, and I’m good with that! Like most families we have the tradition of turkey soup a few days after the T-day, and I always bring out the soup spoons from my family and we dig in!

Sterling silver cutlery is what came to mind when, together with Knitters Pride, we developed something extraordinary for Operation Turkey Trot brought to you by JBW. It lays beautifully in your hands, and feels dreamy!  Wait ‘till you see!

Hope you all have a great weekend and happy knitting!


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Operation Turkey Trot


  1. I love seeing a unique item with a strong heartfelt story behind it. Terrific!

  2. This could be my grandmother's and great-grandmother's story, except for the fact there were from Latvia. I have my great-grandmother's metal knitting needles...I'm totally intrigued about what might be coming in Operation Turkey Trot!

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