Holiday fun...

We have been busy little beans around here and had the best Thanksgiving week ever! Some of us went out of town, some of us stayed here, but ALL of us had a great time! We hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to some fun projects in the near future, as I know we are!

Huck landed in some super soft yarn!!
Huck went yarn diving in our hot tub here in the shop!! Stay tuned for more on the hot tub front, as we have something really fun going on and as you can see it involves yarn in the hot tub!! A small note about the hot tub, when Laura and Doug sold their house in Truckee they had a lot of their household items (including the hot tub) stored in the warehouse and some creative ideas started to spring forth as we looked at the hot tub everyday. Of course all of us would like to have it filled with water (hot of course) and a little cheese and wine on the side...ha ha, but I digress! 

We also sent out our first EVER fabric related Newsletter and the response has been overwhelming!!! Thank you to all of you have let us know how enthusiastic you are for sewing, quilting and anything fabric related! As you may know we added some amazing fabric lines to our shop last year and wanted to get things in place before we really started to talk about it a lot and we are now comfortable with how it is going, so are pushing forward with some really fun stuff!

On the sewing front I just finished my first ever apron project and I am thrilled with the results. I learned so much about sewing and finishing a piece on this project. The pattern is a Freespirtt & Rowan free pattern and I know you would love the outcome!  I will be sharing my tips with some of the fantastic beans here at the shop next Wednesday evening, so stay tuned for more on that front. 

I used fabric from the Jenn Ski Mod Century line and chose a forest green thread as an accent. I had hoped to have it finished for Thanksgiving, but ran into some operator error, but cleared that up yesterday and I think it looks great; if I do say so myself.

For now I need to dash off and choose some fabric for my next one, as I am going to do this again along with the little beans next week! Now that I have flushed out my issues it should fly right off of the machine!! We'll be sure to post photos when we finish. :)

As always, happy sewing!!


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