Inspired by Downton in More Ways Than One!

I don't even know where to begin with all the news around the shop, but the 1st thing that pops into my mind is the Downton Abby KAL...holy cow I don't think any of us realized that this would be such a big event!! Kristen has done a phenomenal job at hosting the KAL and Terry has jumped in and helped  in so many amazing ways too and I am just plain proud to know them!

I do have to confess to participating and am having a blast knitting my gauntlets. I am knitting mine 2 at a time on DPN's and am now done with clue #3. I of course have fallen in love with Downton Abbey and am now all caught up with the show and can't wait for Sunday, as well as clue, open, open...ha, ha, ha!!

The show is stimulating all sorts of ideas in both my knitting mind and my new found sewing mind and I just don't even know where to start in getting some organization in my head. Honestly I think that my head is a pretty disorganized place to be and to fight that part of myself is futile.

So where am I going with all of this disjointed talk? Right to the hats, oh the glorious hats!! I want to combine knitting and sewing all into one amazing hat, but how to go about it is where I am a little stumped. However never fear I have some amazing resources (Sandy and Gus, as well as Rachel, Kristen, Terry, Heather...okay all of the amazing JBW gang!!) available to me and am certain that I can come up with something that will fill the brim, so to speak. I want to knit the dome of the hat and sew the brim and have just discovered some really firm interfacing that I bought a while back (when I didn't really understanding what I was doing, hmmm like I do now? ha ha) and think that it will work very well to shore up my brim.

Okay so let me tease you with some color combinations and see what you think. My Gauntlets are done in Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Sport Huron (long time stash color) and I have enough to do a dome too. Of course this should be a set right?

So now onto the fabric options and I am leaning towards the Denyse Schmidt Greenfield Hill Mill Plain in Dogwood. I still have to do some color comparisons on this one, but I think it should be a small print what do you think?

At any rate here is my gauntlets waiting for their turn at clue #4 and stay tuned for more on the adventure of Jeanne's hat, as it were.

As always, happy knitting, crocheting and sewing!!


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  1. I wish I had done two at a time!! BUt I don't mind doing a little bit each week on these. Love the pattern and so anxious to see what happens at the provisional cast on and the eyelets!!

  2. Nice! I'm enjoying the KAL so much, I feel like getting more yarn and making another pair. Like you, I wondered if we'd have enough yarn left to make a hat or something. Probably not. What's a dome?

  3. I am confused about how to turn the pattern around for the left hand. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Sandi! Directions have not actually been given for the left hand yet. Jeanne just happened to figure it out on her own. I'll be giving instructions for the left hand starting in a few weeks!


  5. My favorite hat (out of 30 or so, I'm a hat person) is cloth bodied and straw brimmed. I'd make a dozen if I could figure it out... and find the straw brims.

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