Learn M1L & M1R to be ready for the Truckee Shawlette KAL!

Now that everyone is getting settled into the Downton Abbey Mystery KAL we thought this might be a good time to start planning the next knit-a-long.  We've had quite a few requests to do December's free pattern the Truckee Shawlette as a knit-a-long so that's what we're going to do!  I'm excited because not only is this a beautiful shawlette, the yarn it calls for is the machine washable, lace weight merino wool yarn Malabrigo Lace Superwash!  This is an exclusive yarn so it needs an extra special project to make from it and the Truckee Shawlette is just the thing!

We're setting a start date of February 1st and the KAL will go for six weeks ending on March 8th.  This is a fairly easy knit but will take some time because of the small yarn.  We do have some kits put together on our website for easy color choices or you can mix and match yarns for your own custom look.  I've already chosen my yarn as those of you who follow us on Facebook may have seen.

Tosh Prairie in Worn Denim and
Malabrigo Lace Superwash in Volcan

Of course you can choose other yarns and we'll be happy to give you any advice you may need.

To help you along I've filmed a new instructional video on how to do a M1L (make one left) and M1R (make one right).  In it I show you how to do both M1 increases and I also show them done both English (throwing) style and Continental (picking) style. It will be edited and up on our website soon, but in the meantime, I've created some written descriptions for you complete with pictures!

Here is a description of each:

Make One Left (M1L) to do this increase you will need to have at least one stitch on your right hand needle.  Look at your knitting between the two needles.  See the little bar between the two stitches?  With your left needle pick up this bar going from front to back.  Now, knit the loop you now have on your left needle through the back loop just as you would a normal knit through the back loop.

By knitting through the back loop you are adding a left twist to the increase, making it invisible.  Without the twist you will get an eyelet much like a small yarnover instead of an invisible increase.

Make One Right (M1R) this is the same as a M1L except, with your left needle you will pick up the bar between the stitches from back to front and knit it through the front loop, adding a right twist.

Perhaps an easy way to remember this is:
M1L - pick up front to back, knit in the back - front, back, back
M1R - pick up back to front, knit in the front - back, front, front

Next time I'll take about lifelines, what are they and how do you use them.

Have fun and I hope you'll join us for the KAL!


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  1. Was that a clue that we'll be finished the Downton Gauntlets by Feb 1st? I've bought my yarn already for this project - glad I haven't started - was going to be my between clues knitting but other projects jumped on my needles instead :-) Will be good motivation to knit this with others.

  2. Hi Diane,

    The Downton Gauntlet clues will continue for a full 8 weeks right along with each new episode of the show. By February 1st everyone should be well under way and understanding the pattern fairly well. This new knit-a-long should mesh nicely with the second half of the Downton MKAL as it is mostly easy garter stitch which makes for a great cruising project to fill in between the remaining Downton clues.

    I too love the motivation provided by knitting the same project with others. Helps keep me on track and not side tracked! :>


  3. This is great news about the Truckee Shawl. I have the perfect yarn for this and am looking forward to the 1st clue.

    I am also doing the Downton KAL and am thoroughly enjoying it. Anxiously awaiting clue 3 tomorrow.

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