Royal Baby QUilt SAL- Block C

Welcome back to the Royal Baby Sew-a-long. Last week, we showed you how to make the four "Block B" blocks for this quilt. This week, we'll pick up where we left off-- with Block C!

Finished Block C

The first thing you'll need to do is cut the pieces for Block C. If you purchased a kit from us (which includes all the fabric you need for the quilt top, binding, and backing!), you'll find a piece of scarlet Shot Cotton that measures 24” by 22” and a 13.5” by 14” piece of Woven Stripes in Earth. These are the pieces that you'll need to make Block C. If you didn't purchase a kit from us, you'll need a 2/3 yd piece of fabric for the background of the block and a fat quarter for the stripes. 

For each Block C (there are 4 total in the quilt), you will need:
 - 4 blocks CA 1-1/2” by 5-1/4”
 - 4 blocks CB 3-1/4” by 5-1/4”
 - 3 strips CC 1-1/2” by 11”
 - 2 strips CD 1-1/2” by 1-1/2”
 - 2 strips CE 1.5” by 3-1/4”

Each cut gives you a 1/4” seam allowance on the pieced edges and a 1/2” allowance on the outside edges to assist with squaring up the finished block.

Make your cuts according to these diagrams so that you get the most of your piece of fabric!

To cut your blocks:

To cut the stripes:

Now that we have all the pieces cut, it's time to assemble them! We recommend that after you cut all your fabrics, you lay them in stacks and label one of each cut in separate piles so that you can keep them all organized. 

Step 1: Take your first CA square and sew it to a CD fabric strip, using a ¼ inch seam. All seams should be ¼ inch throughout the this project. As with the previous blocks, you can chain all 8 CA/CD combos or you can make only the 2 that you'll need for one block and then repeat all the steps to make the other blocks. 

Step 1
This will be the top left side of the complete C block. As with the previous blocks, you can chain all 8 CA/CD combos or you can make only the 2 that you'll need for one block and then repeat all the steps to make the other blocks. Whatever you choose, press the seams toward the CA square when you've finished sewing the CA squares and CD strips together. 

Step 2: Then, take the remaining CA squares and sew them to the other side of the CA/CD combo. You'll need 2 CA/CD/CA combos to make one block or you can chain all 8 strips. Press towards the CA square.
Step 2
Step 3: Now, Take a CB strip and sew it to a CE strip. Make one more CB/CE combo if you are making one block at a time or make a total of 8 if you are chaining your pieces. Press towards the CB square.
Step 3

Step 4: Then, take the remaining CB squares and sew them to the other side of the CB/CE combo.  You'll need 2 CB/CE/CB combos to make one block or you can chain all 8 strips. Press towards the CB square.

Step 4

Step 5: Take your CA/CD/CA strip and sew it to a CC strip. Again, you'll need two of these right away to finish one block or you can chain all 8 that you'll need to do all 4 blocks. Press toward the CC strip.

Step 5

Step 6: I'm sure you can see where we're heading with this: take your other CB/CE/CB combo and sew a loose CC strip to it.  Press toward the CC strip.

Step 6
Step 7: We're almost there, I promise! Sew the other loose CB/CE/CB combo to the other side of the strip you just sewed. Press toward the CC strip. 

All that's left to be done is to sew the CC side of the CA/CD/CA combos to each edge of the piece you just put together. 

Finished Block C


If you sew a little wonky (like I do!), you might have a block that isn't entirely square. With the sizes of the squares and strips that we cut, we left an extra 1/4” around the outside of the block to help you square it up to the needed size.  You need a block that is 10-1/2” by 10-1/2”. The finished block will be 10” by 10”. The extra 1/2” is the seam allowance on each side for sewing the blocks together!

Repeat these steps so that you have 4 blocks for this design. Now that you have this one done, next week's Block D will be a piece of cake!

**Also, please note, you may have noticed that we messed up! We are SO sorry for our typo the last two weeks! We originally posted that you are to square-up your blocks to 10- 1/4" x 10-1/4" but we meant for you to actually size them to 10-1/2"x10-1/2". If you've already done your initial squares to 10-1/4"x10-1/4", no worries! Continue to use that size for the remainder of your quilt. It will not affect the overall size by much at all and your result will still look the same as the original. If we've caught you before you've cut down your squares, be sure to make note of the changes. We'll be correcting the PDF's shortly. Again, we apologize profusely for the typo!**

For a PDF printable version of this pattern, please be sure to check out the Royal Baby Quilt SAL super special secret page on our website. We'll be adding Block C shortly! :)

Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to post them here and Jenn or Gus will answer as quickly as possible. Otherwise, please feel free to send an e-mail to: 

Fabric (at)

Happy sewing!
Jenn & Gus

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  1. I am curious. The directions for this block C say to cut 4-1.5"x11"strips from the striped fabric.Yet each block has 3 of these strips. I have one piece of striped fabric that measures 13.5" x 14" which I have cut according to the directions. I also have another piece that measures 6"x46" of the same fabric. Should I use this for the remaining 8 1.5x11" strips or was it intended for something else? Louise

  2. Hi Louise,
    You need the other strip that is 6 by 46 for the binding of the quilt.
    Happy Sewing

  3. Gus, I have the same issue as listed above and I think everyone will. If each block takes 3 of the 1.5 x 11 pieces of the stripe (CC), and we only cut 4 (per the directions and the size of the fabric) where do we get the other 8 pieces we need to give the other 3 blocks their CC pieces?
    We need 12 pieces of CC to put 3 in each of the 4 blocks and we only have 4 in our pile of CC blocks for. We are missing 8 pieces.