Royal Baby Quilt SAL Block D

Hi, Everybody!

The Royal Baby is here!  Good thing we're on to the last block in the Royal Baby Sew Along.  Last week, we showed you how to make the 4 Block C blocks for this quilt (phew, aren't you glad those are done?).  Now, it's on to Block D, the last block of the quilt and an easy peasy design to boot!

Finished Block D
The first thing you'll need to do is cut the pieces for Block D  If you purchased a kit from us (which includes all the fabric you need for the quilt top, binding, and backing!), you'll find a piece of purple Shot Cotton that measures 13” by 44” and a 13.5” by 22” piece of  Shot Cotton in the color Curry.  These are the pieces that you'll need to make Block D.  If you didn't purchase a kit from us, you'll need a 1/3 yd piece of fabric for the background of the block and a fat quarter for the stripes. 

For each Block D (there are 4 total in the quilt), you will need:
 -  2 blocks DA 1-1/2” by 11”
 - 2 blocks  DB 3-1/4” by 11”
 - 3 strips DC 1.5” by 11”

Each cut gives you a 1/4” seam allowance on the pieced edges and a 1/2” allowance on the outside edges to assist with squaring up the finished block.

Make your cuts according to these diagrams so that you get the most of your piece of fabric!

To cut your blocks:

Block D Squares

To cut the stripes:
Block D Strips

Now that we have all the pieces cut, it's time to assemble them!  We recommend that after you cut all your fabrics, you lay them in stacks and label one of each cut in separate piles so that you can keep them all organized. 

Take your first DA square and sew it to a DC fabric strip, using a ¼ inch seam.  All seams should be ¼ inch throughout the this project. As with the previous blocks, you can chain all 8 DA/DC combos or you can make only the 2 that you'll need for one block and then repeat all the steps to make the other blocks.  When you've finished, you can either press your seams open or to either side.  It's up to you!

Block D Step 1
Now that you have a DA/DC combo, sew a DB strip to the other side. You'll need 2 of these for one block or you can complete all 8 if you are chaining your pieces.  We recommend that you press towards the DB strip.

Block D Step 2

All that's left to do is to sew these combos to either side of the last loose DC strip.  Press towards the combos.

Step 3 - final block

Piece of cake compared to last week!  Repeat these steps so that you have 4 blocks for this design. 

If your blocks aren't quite square, you should square them up to 10-1/2”.   With the sizes of the squares and strips that we cut, we left an extra 1/4” around the outside of the block to help you square it up to the needed size. The finished block will be 10” by 10”.  The extra 1/2” is the seam allowance on each side for sewing the blocks together!

Now that all the blocks are done, next week we'll be moving on to bias details and finishing touches!

**Please note that if you bought the kit from us, you may have noticed that there was not enough fabric in the kit to cut all of the pieces.  Please contact us ( or 877-529-5648) so that we can send you an fat quarter to complete your project.  Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!**

Happy Quilting,

Gus and Jenn

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