Royal Knitspiration

Royal Knitspiration

Congratulations to the newly engaged Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle! We are feeling inspired by the duo’s engagement announcement yesterday morning so here are a few of our favorites that we will knit through to the Royal Wedding!

British Invasion Kit  

If you've been wanting to test out new yarns but your heart hasn't committed to a full skein just yet, then the British Invasion sampler is for you. It features eight mini-skeins from some of our favorite brands from across the pond along with circular needles and the Mosaic Tiles Cowl pattern from Heather Boyd.

Find the sampler here: British Invasion Kit

Rowan Hemp Tweed Suffolk Pullover Kit

The Rowan Suffolk Pullover is perfect for keeping warm in the English countryside and pairs with any Wellies. 

Find Prince Charming here: (Just kidding...We wish!)

Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace Crystal Palace Shawl Kit

We are wondering is Ms. Markle will choose traditional lace for her wedding gown so in the mean time, we are inspired by Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace Crystal Palace Shawl Kit!

Find the kit here: Fyberspaces Scrumptious Lace Crystal Palace Shawl Kit

Refract Socks by Rachel Coopey
To prevent cold feet, we love Rachel Coopey’s designs using her own Coopknits Socks Yeah! yarn. 

Find the pattern here: Making No. 4
Find the yarn here: Coopknits Socks Yeah!

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