Behind The Scenes: Tosh X Jimmy

The "Guard" Donkey that warns when coyotes are near the sheep.

Behind The Scenes With Jimmy and Amy - Dallas, TX

Huck learning to drive the tractor.
Earlier this year, Laura (a.k.a. Jimmy), Doug, and Huck were able to visit Amy of Madelinetosh at her farm west of Fort Worth, Texas. Laura and Doug brought Huck along so he could get a better understanding of what we do at Jimmy Beans and why we do it. The trio roamed the farm, visited with Amy's "guard" donkey, and played with the horses. It was a trip of firsts. Huck got to drive his first golf cart and even learned how to operate the tractor.

Texas brain food! 

While the trip was mostly fun, there was a lot of work that went on too. Over the last year we received feedback on some of our Tosh Subscriptions and Jimmy and Amy were able to put their heads down and get straight to work on making the suggested improvements. They spent hours figuring out the color scheme and how to create KAL's that appealed to knitters across the spectrum...We are really excited about 2018's Tosh Subscriptions. 

We listened to you. We heard you. We made the improvements and we can't wait to get next year's subscriptions into your hands! Being the color genius that Amy is, we were able to figure out all of the colorways in advance making sure that the colors are cohesive so that you will have a beautiful finished project at the end. 

Jimmy and Amy made leaps and bounds on these projects and will be making these trips more frequent! 

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