These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Strings...

Not only do we love these yarns, you do too! Check out the top addictive yarns!

"This has quickly become my favorite yarn for scarves and accessories. The texture is silky and smooth, unusual for a 100% merino, the colors are vibrant, and it knits up like a dream. This is only the second Madeleine Tosh yarn I've used, and I am impressed. As another reviewer said, it's addictive!"

"I love the quality of this yarn,. used for size 10 needles and think size 9 would be perfect. A person helping me said that Madelinetosh is a yarn you buy for yourself or someone you love. I agree. Gorgeous quality and colors"

"I have bought several different colors of this yarn. The colors are as vibrant and beautiful as all Madelinetosh yarns. The yarn stands up to rough use I have a pair of gloves made of it and they receive a lot of wear and tear... I also wash and dry them in a machine. I have also knit and reknit as much as 20X as I work on new patterns. Great Yarn. If you need a soft, beautiful DK, you can't go wrong here.... ps. It also dyes up beautifully if you like to do your own."

"I was super surprised by how squishy this yarn turned out to be. I've used it for a pair of fingerless mitts, and a toddler hat, and I'm really excited to get some more of this. Warm, easy care for washing and great quality for the price! Highly recommend this yarn."

"I love to knit with Rowan's Kidsilk Haze! The yarn is extremely soft and warm without without being weighty. It feels good to the hand and works up as beautifully in a loosely knit stockinette stitch as in a lace. The haze of the kid mohair adds nicely to the overall soft effect."

"You cannot really go wrong with any Madelinetosh yarns, but the Pashmina is the most outstanding. The material is the easiest and best to work with. It doesn’t split and truly is the best. I have used it for shawls, fingerless gloves, berets and hats, and each finished item was gorgeous. The stitch definition is pristine you are guaranteed beautiful results!"

"This yarn is one of my favorites. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock always has terrific colors, ample yardage and is so soft. I enjoy using this yarn for MKAL's, mystery knit alongs. I look forward to adding more of this yarn to my knitting list as Christmas is coming and gifts need to be made"

"This yarn is lovely to work with. I've bought several different colors, but the most recent was Ivy and it works up gorgeously. The yarn is easy to work with and isn't splitty. I used it on Chiagoo needles & it was pretty smooth.

"I love TML! It is my favorite base!!! I'm obsessed with Madelinetosh to begin with, but I love the single ply fingering weight. I love the way this base takes colors. So vibrant. I love that it's washable, knits beautifully, has such a vast color selection, and is super cozy to wear."

"This was my first time knitting with Madelinetosh. Now I know what all the fuss was's a dream to work with. Made a scarf for a MKAL on Ravelry, and the stitch definition was amazing. Plus, no pooling of the variegated skein. Washes beautifully - I wore it nearly every day last winter, and it still looks brand new. Great yarn."

"Nice quality, consistent weight yarn is the right weight and twist for socks and shawls. Soft, smooth plied fiber knots up neatly on size 0 to 3 needles. Being a hand dyed, it's completely unique, and is especially appropriate for asymmetrical shawlettes and the colors are lovely. Hand wash/wet block. This is definitely not an ordinary yarn! Experiment and enjoy it."

"I bought this yarn without an idea of what I was going to make out of it because I thought the color was very pretty-muted and understated.I purchased Yorkshire Skies I've never purchased this brand before because it's more than I usually spend on yarn. When it came and I opened the package, I was delighted! The yarn is incredibly soft so I knew it had to be something that I could feel, so I ended up crocheting some fingerless gloves out of it to give as a gift. I can't believe how warm they are, even though I used a slightly lacy stitch pattern. It was a dream to work with and has great stitch definition. I am looking forward to buying more of the special colorways in the future."

"I just finished knitting a hat with this yarn. The color is absolutely beautiful, and the quality is excellent. The hat is a heavier weight and warmer than one knit with Madelinetosh Pashmina. I went up one needle size due to the thickness of the yarn. The resulting hat is perfect for very cold weather here in the northeast"

"I made a pair of watchcaps out of two skeins of this yarn because I wanted a heavy, windproof yarn that would hold in the warmth. Did I ever get it! The yarn is soft, not scratchy on the head and keeps out the sharpest and coldest wind Oregon had to offer on the coast. Knits up VERY fast and on a size smaller needle than the yarn called for, makes a tight, snug fabric. Very good selection of colors, though like any hand-dyed yarn, varies from skein to skein, sometimes quite a bit. But it's a wonderful, super-bulky yarn to work with for winter accessories. I will definitely be buying more of this yarn."

"Been using Malabrigo Worsted for years now. It's such a great all-around yarn! It holds up over the years, has a wonderful sheen, hangs well, and washes terrific too. If you were stuck on a deserted island with only one yarn to choose, pick a case of Malabrigo Worsted - you won't go wrong with this one for almost any general project."

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