Love at First Sight

We are pretty sure that this is what love at first sight feels like. That's right folks, new Spring 2018 Madelinetosh colors are in and they are not yet available from other retailers. Just be ready to pick your jaw up from the floor once you see them all!


Heart of Glass

Tien Tsin Pepper

Blind Love





Night Fell

Holi Grunge


Silence Was Golden

The Uncola


Beautiful Liar


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  1. I would like a list from January-December of the Tosh yarns for the 2017
    Blanket and the 2017 Shaw. I can find the 2016 blanket directions on your site, but have not located the 2017 blanket directions or the 2017 Shaw. Do you have directions for the 2017 micro-brewed yarn club projects? Where do I find them? I just received the December 2017 Big Beanie Bag, since it's suppose to be a candy cane is there a reason I received 3 Blue/blue-gray yarn balls. I realize I requested cool colors, but aren't most candy canes on red/white or green/white? What were the colorways for warm and neutral?
    Lastly do we need to sign-up for the various clubs for 2018 that we were in in 2017 or are we automatically entered in them? Would it be possible in your January or February newsletter to show finished examples of the 2017 completed club projects for us to compare of projects to?

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