Il Giorno Perfetto: The Perfect Italian Summer Day.

 Il Giorno Perfetto: The Perfect Italian Summer Day.

There's no greater comfort than waking up from the warm sun on your face. I can hear the faint conversation of the cafe owner and a motorcyclist below my window as they sip their espresso. Stepping out from underneath my sheets, the damp, morning chill from the sea hits my skin and I immediately wrap my shawl around my shoulders. Realizing I have yet to get groceries for the weekend, I gather my belongings and make my way to the market for some fresh fruit and milk.

Navigating the market in the morning is not so much intimidating as it is exhilerating. In true Italian fashion, I dodge scooters and listen to the conversations and laughter of old friends. Heading to the fruit first, I can immediately smell the fresh peaches and melon and for a brief moment, I feel like I am completely surrounded by peach trees. These will definitely pair well with fresh yogurt. As I make my way through, I am thankful that my bag is large enough to hold all of the goodies I am bringing back home. I fill my market bag to the brim with fruit, tomatoes, fresh herbs and milk from the local cheese shop and make my way home.

As mid-morning peaks, the heat begins to fill the house indicating that it is time to head to the beach. I pack up my bag, close the shades but leave the windows open so that the sea breeze can come through. The steps to the beach are long and winding but take me through alleyways and past shops I normally wouldn't see. I can hear the waves get louder but the only thing from blocking my view is a long tunnel of Wisteria. 

A sense of immediate relief overcomes me as I walk through the tunnel - my skin has found refuge from the sun underneath the shade. I look to my left, look to my right, and scan the beach for open spaces. The combination of striped umbrellas and striped towels makes it a little bit hard to see, but I find an open space in between a young couple and older woman. I notice the wrinkles in her skin and immediately imagine the colorful life she has lived thus far. 

I doze in and out of sleep as the day carries on, catching glimpses of bright flowers and vines growing along side the colorful houses perched on the mountainside. As the beach begins to empty, the opportunities for people watching begin to dwindle so I finish reading the final 30 pages of Vogue Italia. Closing the last page, I realize that the sun was generous with it's rays and my skin is sensitive to the touch. I pack up my things and begin to head back through the wisteria and up the stairs to my house. 

Unlocking the door, a small rush of cool air combs through my salt-soaked hair and I collapse on the couch, thankful that I left the blinds closed before I left. I can see the colors of the sunset changing on the tile floor, bouncing from pink to orange and I know this will be one of my favorite sunsets. I wrap myself up and head to the balcony. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and I know that this will forever be one of my favorite memories. 

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My time in Italy is where many of my favorite memories come from. These patterns are uncannily similar to many of my closet staples throughout my travels. My personal favorite is the market bag. It is versatile and most importantly easy to pack. My second favorite is having an evening wrap, especially for cooler nights...

The Perfect Market Bag

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