Hygge Happiness

What is hygge exactly? Originating in Denmark, it's the concept of "creating cozy and convivial atmospheres that promote well-being." As knitters, it's likely we're already familiar with this concept, but didn't even realize it! When you engage in an activity or ritual (like knitting!), no matter if you're alone or with friends, at home or your favorite coffee shop, be present in that moment and simultaneously recognize and appreciate that feeling of being present. Slow down and appreciate that you've cultivated a moment or atmosphere that is cozy and special, no matter how simple the scenario. And when that acknowledgment makes life feel less mundane and lifts your spirits? That, my friends, is "hygge." :)

The best part about knitting for me has always been about connecting with a project, especially one that brings to mind a special memory. I think the Fragaria Tee by Berroco, aptly knit in the color Strawberry, accomplishes just that! When I saw it I was immediately reminded of childhood summers in Sweden (my mom is a Swede) picking wild strawberries, swimming in lakes, and of course, all of the Scandinavian homes painted red! Having this project on my needles is just so satisfying!

Here are a few other Berroco projects that for me elicit that same feeling of "hygge!"

Berroco Remix Light

Berroco Catena

Berroco Suede

Berroco Corsica

Berroco Pima 100

Berroco Remix Light

Berroco Modern Cotton

What are some of your favorite knitting rituals? How do you create "hygge" in everyday life? Share in the comments! :)

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