Happy Chinese New Year!

I got really lucky growing up. My mom is from the United States and a descendent from a long line of vikings from Denmark and Sweden (My great-great grandfather was Rassmussen).

My father was born and raised in Taiwan and moved to the States when he was in his mid-twenties with my grandparents, aunt and uncle. To say I have seen the best of both worlds would be a massive understatement.

My parents, my older sisters and me in San Francisco. 1993.

There are times during the year where yes, we would celebrate Christmas but also celebrate holidays like Chinese New Year. During Chinese New Year, my older sisters and I would recieve little red envelopes from my grandparents with money in them. This symbolized good luck in health and happiness. My favorite part of Chinese New Year? Moon cake. If you haven't heard of it or tried it, I highly recommend it!

Now that we are all older, my favorite part of the holiday remains moon cake but each Chinese New Year, I am reminded of my heritage and how proud I am to be where I am from. I love the traditions that I have grown up with and hope that I can continue them rather than having them be a distant memory when I am feeling nostalgic.

Another thing I love about my heritage? Chinese Horoscopes - I'm a sucker for them! Whether you are a tiger or a horse (like me!), there are little characteristics that are special to each one. Given that Chinese New Year starts today, I thought it might be fun to pick our yarn that matched each horoscope. Find yours below!


Imaginative, dextrous

Madelinetosh Prarie - Joshua Tree


                                                      Dependibility, Strength
Berrocco Gusto - 1988 Lolite


Hardworking, resourceful
Anzula Burly Babies - Irene


Loyal, sincere
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted - Red Room


Confident, authoritative
Madelinetosh Home - Blind Love


Animated, energetic
Knit Collage Cast Away - Chasing Rainbows


Courageous, Tenacious
Berrocco Remix - Strawberry


Diligent, generous
Malabrigo Mecha - Azul Fresco


Ambitious, confident
Rowan Fine Lace - Chalk


 Perseverance, gentle 
Malabrigo Lace Baby Merino - No Me Olvides


Enigmatic, intuitive
Madelinetosh TML - Opaline


Skillful, kind
Koigu KPM Solid - 2128

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