Five Stash Staples We Love From Plymouth Yarn!

Plymouth Yarns, a family-owned company doing business since 1964, has been providing quality yarns for over 50 years! We love Plymouth for providing trusted (and affordable!) stash staples, while keeping up with the newest styles and novelties. Below are a few of our tried-and-true favorites, along with pattern suggestions and links to kits on our site. (Did we mention they provide extensive free pattern support for all of their yarns?!)

This classic blend of acrylic and wool has been our best-selling Plymouth yarn since we first brought it on in 2010. Machine washable, affordable, and available in a great range of colors, this popular yarn is great for blankets, hats, sweaters and baby items!

"I've been making stuffed animals for my granddaughters and this yarn is perfect for my needs. The color range is great and it's machine wash/dry. It's pleasant to work with, economical and I haven't found any faults in the yarn."
By capless on Sep 18, 2017  

"This is my go-to yarn for knitting for children. Busy mothers can just throw it in the washer and dryer. It's a good quality yarn and usually has a nice variety of colors."
By ZephyrVenice on Apr 19, 2017

The microfiber and nylon blend of Dreambaby DK creates extreme softness and machine washability, making it the perfect choice for kids and babies. The original Dreambaby DK comes in solids and speckles, while Dreambaby DK PaintPot features a fabulous range of self-striping colorways! Pick your favorite, then knit, wear and enjoy, time after time!

“I enjoy working with Dreambaby. It is soft, washable and does not split. It is my favorite for newborn items.”
By KCI55 on Jul 05, 2012  

“This yarn is so soft and drapes beautifully. It is a pleasure to work with and doesn't split. It is warm yet very light-perfect for the shawl I am knitting. I am looking forward to using it again.”
By BEVY on Jan 31, 2011  

Combine the warmth of wool with the added benefit of machine washability and you have the incredible DK and Worsted Merino Superwash yarns from Plymouth! This squishy, high-twist yarn is soft to the touch with a versatility that knows no bounds. Use it for scarves, sweaters, blankets and more! You’ll love its fabulous stitch definition!

"Plymouth Merino Superwash Yarn, in both the DK and Worsted weights, is a pleasure to knit with. I've made baby blankets with both weights, and when I wash them before gifting them, the blankets come out of the dryer so very soft and cuddly!"
By Kathleen Lenkeit on Aug 17, 2015

“soft, washable and gentle on baby skin. What more could you ask for?”
By Daxter57 on May 18, 2017   

4. Gina

For 100% Wool in colorful, self-striping fades, look no further than Plymouth Gina.  This yarn is a great choice for a warm winter project, and also looks great when felted!

This yarn was fun to knit with and is perfect for the Ojo De Dios shawl. Glad I have some left over for another small project.”
By LindaAK on Jan 02, 2017

"I just finished a beautiful cable scarf with this yarn. It was my first experience with Gina. What a fun yarn to watch create a beautiful pattern and definition. The cables are crisp and shapely."
By Yvonne McGrady on Nov 09, 2016  

Even though Plymouth doesn’t make KnitCol, we’re so grateful they send it to us! Manufactured by the company Adriafil, KnitCol takes the hassle out of knitting complex colorwork, which is something everyone under a time crunch can appreciate! This DK weight, machine washable yarn is precision-dyed to give your knitting a real jacquard effect, which means simple stockinette is the only skill you’ll need to create a stunning 8-color pattern!

"This was very nice to knit with. I was impressed that each ball began at the same spot in the color progression. I used it for a gift which has not been presented yet, so I can't comment about the durability of the yarn."
By Scrappy on Mar 16, 2016  

"I enjoyed knitting with this yarn, I knit a shawl. The finished product looked very nice and had a great feel and drape. The colors are bright and clear. I hope to work with this yarn again.
By Carol Morley Beck on Aug 02, 2017"

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