I have proof!

It's been a busy week here at Jimmy Beans!

If you call or stop in the shop you'll probably meet our two newest team members. Amanda (well technically she's one of our oldest--she worked here way back in the early days before we even used electronic postage!) and Kristen joined us this week and have brought their talents just in the nick (sp?) of time. With the weather changing and the holidays approaching, we're all doing our best to make sure your needles keep clicking!

Speaking of needles clicking...
No, that's not a picture of some bizarre new knitted outfit for two dimensional yarn gremlins (sorry Amber!) it's proof of my progress so far on the Gayle jacket. Just in case anyone thought I gave up, frogged it, or forgot about it entirely, here it is....ahem...at least parts of it! It has been stashed, but not forgotten.

Sometime last week Sandy and I were talking and realized we hadn't knit in at least a week....practically sinful seeing as we work in a yarn shop! So today (Saturday) I made it a point to hunker down and get some serious progress done n the sleeves (yes, that's the Magic Loop you see there...sleeves, two at a time! Who'da thought?!?)

A word of advice though, fellow loopers: plan your cast-on carefully. If I hadn't been doing these on Denise Interchangeables (see the handy black section? That part twists off allowing for a break in the cord) I would have been doomed to frogging at least once. Sure, really it's designed to make the cord length variable...but it saved my butt! Let's just say every time the cable pattern widened, I had to unsnap the cord and move two more stitches onto the right side of my loop (I'm not a fast learner, apparently!). Anyway, if you decide to do cabled sleeves on the Magic Loop, be sure to cast on enough to complete your cable pattern on one needle. Lesson: learned.

On a more personal note--what's a 20-something doing blogging about yarn at 11:20 on a Saturday night? The kind that hastily canceled her cable after the box just about caught the house on fire...but I'm glad I did--we've been waaaay more productive without it. We even managed to clean out the garage enough to put...ahem...cars in it ;-)


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