Legwarmers, Sweaters and what do you want to knit/crochet?

Well, in my last post I talked about my honey and his pending sweater (swatch in progress) and also, teased you all with a peak at my legwarmer project (more in a bit on that). Ok, so Geoff (my honey) came home from a business trip and saw me knitting the legwarmers and FREAKED out for Fair Isle! He is so fickle and now wants to me to knit him a sweater like the warmers. Of course I just gave him the blank knitter's stare that said 'Excuse me, you want what?' I couldn't get him to pick a pattern that he liked and well now I have a problem and when he gets up off the floor I am sure that he will want the Aran Cardigan =} (ok just kidding, there was only a little blood) So as the good little knitter I am, I think I will just have to work on 2 sweaters at once? He does still like the Aran pattern, but is CRAZY for the Fair Isle style. Please Geoff make up your mind!

Ok, ok, idea, how about I knit that beautiful Lana d' Oro up in the Alice Starmore Aran sweater I want to do for myself, hmmmm now that's a terrific solution! So stay tuned on this one, as clearly things may change....

On the legwarmer front I have to frog a bit on the ones for Shelly (my daughter), because she is so tall that I need to add a bit more length. She has fallen completely in love with them though and can't wait to wear them. I better get going, because there is snow in them there hills. I also, am working on a pair for myself in the Greenline yarn. I LOVE Intrigue and Silence, (the one that is in progress on the left of the picture which is the color combo my honey loves so much) and for a little extra something I went stash diving, adding in a bit of Kidsilk Haze and Spray (discontinued, sorry) Wow, what that has done for them is incredible! You can't really see it in this picture, but talk about snugly warm! If you would like to work them up for your selves I used a 2 color pattern from the book Stitchonary 3 by Vogue. Now, I will be getting this pattern ready for all of you out there as a free pattern, but until then go for it yourselves! I know that you can do it!

Now onto how can I inspire you? How about with my Amy's Vintage Office socks? Why I mention this is I was talking to Ashley today and I would love to hear about what you use for inspiration in choosing your projects? Do you gaze out of the window and use natures color palette? Maybe you have a fantastic woven piece that gets your creative juices flowing? You get the idea. So I would like to hear from you if you would like to share with me. Email info@jimmybeanswool.com and put INSPIRATION in the subject line. I will post some of the ideas here next week and hopefully we can all inspire each other. Now, I am off (thanks Laura :) until Sunday, but will reply to your emails as soon as I get back.

As always, I wish you all happy knitting! Jeanne :)

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