Who me, finish a Sweater?

Who me, finish a sweater? Never!!

I finally did it - finished this sweater that's been sitting here for over a year. i think i only had a few inches - and the collar - left to go, so i thought i'd just get to knittin' this weekend. Yep - it was me, my GGH Cashmere (stash yarn that was a gift from my favorite people at Muench/GGH/Lana Grossa), and the Lifetime Movie Network.

The sweater fits pretty well, but i did end up with 2 sleeves that aren't exactly the same size. In fact, the right sleeve is probably an inch bigger. oh well - if you don't tell anyone, i won't either. Plus, my theory is this: if you can find the flaws in my hand-knit sweater, then you're simply looking TOO CLOSELY! haha.

I think i've mentioned before that this is the 2nd time i've knit this pattern (from Rebecca Magazine #9). the first time, i remember knitting the last few inches while doug and i were on our 1st anniversary... we took the amtrak train from SF to paso robles - and had a great time. It's just beautiful there! (and the wine doesn't make things any worse).

oh yeah - one last thing (then we're off to reno - we added a new phone line and need to do some adjustments) - guess how much yarn i had leftover? Um, yep ... just a few yards. that's the problem with knitting from your stash. I actually had to stop knitting on the body and then knit the collar... cause i figured it would be easier to make the body longer through blocking than it would be to lengthen the collar. then i cut whatever yarn i needed for sewing up the seams... and then used that last bit of yarn to knit on the body for as long as i could. I haven't blocked it yet (it's nice and poofy now, so i'm not sure if i'll do a full block or not), but it seems long enough for now.

And i have a new project in mind... i'll share it with you before thanksgiving!

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  1. So cute! it looks great, and the dogs are just too precious!

  2. That sweater looks SO good on you and is so pretty! I just wanted to share my thankfulness for having found your on line LYS! Love the blogs, how you all share your projects and new patterns and also the video reviews - which help make decisions more than you know. Feel like you all are just around the corner. Your site has the most personal touch and makes us feel as though we are buying from and keeping up with honestly wonderful and creative women and not just connecting with a "business". Thanksgiving blessings to each and every one of you!!

  3. You guys are just too sweet - i really appreciate the nice comments!!
    Happy Thanksgiving - hopefully i won't eat so much that i can't fit in the sweater again until spring :)
    - Laura
    p.s. hopefully we'll be taping some more videos later this week or next week.

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