I dream of...Addi?

Sure, we all dream about work related events at one time or another...but lately I've been dreaming, and dreaming, and dreaming about Addi Turbos. Usually I'm filling unbelievably long orders for them (think laundry hamper-sized box to ship them in), which makes sense since they've been on sale all month long. Or, maybe it's my newfound love for knitting socks on them. Who knows. I finally (woo hoo!) finished my first complete pair of socks last week (please excuse the obvious laddering on the ankles...photo is pre-blocking!). These were the Tiny Bubbles socks by 2 Askew (our very own Jeanne's pattern!) in my absolute favorite Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock color--Amy's Vintage Office. Lavender, pale blue, and charcoal--what more could a girl want?

Then I got inspired by my beloved (and again temporarily abandoned) Gayle jacket to knit up some cabled socks for my grandma. She's the type of person who has everything, and if she doesn't have it she probably doesn't need it--so when I started knitting I learned that making her gifts was probably the best (and most meaningful) option. She loves red, so I chose Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Ruby River. Yes, I know, cables on variegated yarn is sort of a no-no, but I like that they're kind of subtle this way. Plus, the shades of red give make it just unique enough...

And now to spend some time with my very own Addis...just the one set...that fit in a small envelope. :-)


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  1. Brilliant!! I am so proud of you and your two at a time socks; you rock! Jeanne :)

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