Well, I have been bouncing around with my knitting and the worst part of it has been too many ideas and no time to implement them. I am working on a Baby Zander project, which is almost done and I should be able to reveal it to you in the middle of April (haha Laura you have to wait :) I of course am almost finished with my Flower Child by Norah Gaughan in Classic Elites Soft Linen Yarn. I have truly enjoyed this project and can't wait to wear it!

I am clearly a process knitter and am having a real let down now that I am almost finished with these projects; you know just kinda blah! Of course I do have plenty of other things on the needles to get back to, but that's no fun! So I ran up stairs last night and using Alterknits for inspiration, cut up some felted sweaters I have been collecting from the thrift store and am playing with weaving.

So stay tuned on this one and just doing something new has really helped get the cobwebs out! Maybe some finger painting would be fun too! Ok, ok calm down Jeanne, knitting for sure!

Happy Knitting!

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