Babies and all things fresh

Well it looks we are having a little bean soon and that just makes me think of all things new, clean and fresh; like spring! I wanted to share pictures of a bouquet of Daffodils that we enjoyed around the house for the last week. I also, have my indoor lettuce started and that should be ready to make a salad in the next week.

We eat tons of salad all year long, but when the lettuce is home grown you just can't go wrong. It also gets my knitting juices flowing, or needles clicking; whichever you prefer :)

I am currently knitting Norah Gaughan's Flower Child from her series and this one is from the latest one, Vol. 4. It is the cover project and I just fell in love when I saw it! I am substituting Soft Linen by Classic Elite yarns and I can't wait to wear it! You can see I chose the Inca Gold color 2250 (which I had originally chosen to knit a different sweater, imagine :) so I thought you might want to see my handy work. I am going to modify it a bit and make the sleeves a little longer (I hope, keep your needles crossed for me) and I just can't say how fun this pattern has been to knit. Even the sewing together of the pieces has been a blast. I just can't stop!

To the left is the back all sewn together and to the right are the front pieces sewn together and I have the other neck band side done too! Wahoo! One more piece to go, then my sleeves and it will be ready to wear! I have learned a lot about the beauty of knitting/purling into the back of a yarn over and I can't wait to knit Happiness from the book!

As always I wish you all happy knitting! Jeanne

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